Saturday, August 28, 2010

Technology & Homeschool

The question is: Do you use technology in your homeschool?  At first I didn’t think I would have anything to contribute to this question, we aren’t that hip on technology really.  But then I started looking around and taking pictures of things that could be considered “technology” and I guess we DO use technology in our homeschool!  Having a “geeky” husband, we always have computers, that’s the main thing.  Computers.

electronics 010

These are the kid’s computers.  They look fancy, but trust me, they were cheap because my husband is the best computer shopper God ever created!  He studies ads and visits stores.  It’s his “thing.” 

electronics 013

This is my computer, right before I wrote up this post.  I’ve got my piles of shopping lists and review materials spread around me, not to mention my “oh so healthy” water and cell phone in case hubby calls. 

The kids mainly use their computers for school,  I have two in high school this year, so they are writing more papers and doing more research on-line.  All of the older 3 do math and Spanish on their computers as well.  Two of them have blogs that serve as a creative writing outlet.  One of them is really into computer animation and loves to make Lego movies in his free time. 

I use my computer for blogging and writing and I have a digital planner on their that I use to make the children’s lesson plans.  We all LOVE email too!

Some other little gadgets that we have around our house that could be technology include:  2 printers, a laminator, and a label maker.

electronics 011

electronics 012And let’s not forget the baby’s computer!

electronics 014 

We also enjoy a plethora of educational science and homemaking DVD’s. 

I definitely believe that you can homeschool elementary children without a computer, but in this day and age, it would be a disservice to our young people to not teach them the very basics of running and maintaining a computer.  I will admit that it’s scary “out there” but we strive to teach our children to be discerning and wise. Not to mention  a healthy dose of the fear of the Lord in there for good measure!  :o)

So I guess technology does play a pretty big part in our homeschool journey and I will be the first to admit I’m miserable when my laptop is out of order! 


Mrs. Blanchard


  1. So true! Getting our first computer was my first step to homeschooling! And a great bit of experience for my student was teaching the teacher (me) how to do things on our computer.

  2. I really like your computer/school room set up. :)
    We just all got computers for school this year! I have used Mom's for school for a while, but now we all have our own and love it. :)
    Funny thing that Mr. B is so good at computer dad is the "king" of bargains and did the same with our computers. :)
    My mom's computer always has her planning things around too...:) There are sticky notes always hanging near! My younger brother absolutely loves animating with Legos too! :)
    Don't you love the label maker! It makes organizing so much easier.
    It's something how much technology can affect us without us noticing all of it.
    Laffy's computer is adorable and my youngest sister love hers. ;D
    Christ be with you!
    For His glory alone,
    Oh, BTW, I really like your computer mouse! ;)Pretty and pink.

  3. Our baby and toddler have "laptops" too. You know you are a modern family when you chat via computer with someone who is home!

  4. I've postponed teaching the kids to use the computer til high school. We'll have a couple using them this year, a couple more next year. They'll be totally computer savvy by the time they graduate :)

    Great post. God's Blessings


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