Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tot School-Week 4


Another great Tot School Week here! We started the week with these fun Lauri number puzzles. I’m just focusing on 1-5 right now. He is starting to recognize the numbers and he can definitely count and he knows what number comes next.

002 003

He’s been really into this book lately. It’s “5 in the bed and the Little One Said” by DK. Basically counting backwards right?


Remember how I said he likes to do a couple pages and then falls out of the chair to do push-ups and jumping jacks?


Here’s the proof! hahahaha! He cracks me up!

011 014

He’s a little young for this shape game, but he did surprisingly well. And all on his own started talking about making squares and circles.

016 017

electronics 002

So…I tried to get it on camera. This is a candid look into how LOUD my house is sometimes! This was particularly bad because I was filming and didn’t want to yell, “BEEEE QUIIIIIET!” You can see how distracting all that fun was to Laffy Taffy. After I turned off the camera, I scolded the little noise-ys! lol

Categories! See his tongue? It’s his “thinking” face!


I was exploring whether or not he could do a pattern, he couldn’t. It turned into a matching game.



Sorting by color.

electronics 003

Sorting by shape.

electronics 005

The weather was wonderful this week and he spent lots of time playing in the back yard.

Monday we are going to the MN State Fair—he’s going to get all his 5 sense WAY OVER stimulated! It will be great!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Too much fun! and have fun at the fair! Today I am going to the Garlic Festival! I hear they have garlic fudge...hmmm I think I'll pass.

  2. Looks like an awesome week! Enjoy your time at the fair.

  3. Great week!

    Laffy and I have the same thinking face. =oÞ

  4. you have such fun toys! It is making me want to go shopping tomorrow!!

  5. You are doing such a good job...sure you don't want to do what I did to my first three students? Amazing they still like school...anyway my fourth teaching experience should be way better!
    By the way...Titus has the exact same sweatshirt...given to him from Goodwill...neat huh!

    One more where do I look for the things you use? I'm really like the shape that a lauri product? I will look for it and the math one - facinating things you are amazing - so glad you post these things!!!!!

  6. Oh the exercises after the workbook pages cracked me up! And thank you for the reminder to get out my video camera and use it during totschool!


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