Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Animal Menagerie

I don’t know what’s come over us.  I think we might need some help.  We aren’t really animal people.  But we have children and they all LOVE animals.  And since we have so many children, hopefully they will pretty much take on all the animal duties.  That’s the plan anyway. 

Introducing:  Mocha  That’s the name we actually gave her.  No surprise probably.  My little Bubble Gum Taffy smothers the poor thing and she takes it very graciously.


Banana Taffy and Blue-Raspberry have wanted a German Shepherd for a very long time.  We finally were able to find a female that we could afford, she even has papers!  Mocha is the mellowest dog I have ever met.  Must be God having mercy on these non-animal people parents.  Banana thinks she acts more like an old lady than a puppy.  She sleeps a lot!  She hasn’t had an accident in the house once.  She does cry at 3 in the morning, but we are working through that.  I’m no stranger to babies awake in the night.  :o)


Then, since we made the boys happy with a puppy, we wanted to make the girls happy with their heart’s desire of having a kitten.  Only we left with two, not one.  These little pieces of perfection were free!  What a deal!


Introducing:  Dynamite and Cupcake  Can you guess which one the girls named?  I actually like cats.  I always had cats growing up.  “My” cat is Dynamite.  We can thank Mr. Taffy and Laffy Taffy for the name.  It was either that or Bingo.  These cats are amazing as well.  Very docile and sweet.  They came from a household of dogs and cats and children, so they are no stranger to the chaos that that combination creates.


We crate everybody up at night time.  And the dog gets crated up when we leave the house.  I’m so thankful for our fenced backyard!  It’s such a blessing to be able to send the doggie out there to do her business.  I’m calling the vet tomorrow to get declaw prices.  I made sure Mr. Taffy was willing to pay for that before agreeing to get two! 

Those of you who know us are probably rolling your eyes!  Don’t worry, I am too!  It’s so fun to make our children happy, even when it takes us out of comfort zones a little!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You had better watch out or you will be relocating to a larger property just to have room for the animals! I know because this happened to us...lol.

    We love animals, too, and eventually the kids do take over the duties. I know my 12 yo boy will be happy when his younger sibs (ages 1,2,4,6) are old enough to do more than tag along. I tell him that it may be faster to do it by himself, but the sooner he trains them to do parts of the job, the sooner he has less to do.

    Enjoy those sweet ones while they are small. For some reason, they always grow up...



  2. You need a farm! Then you could get animals to your hearts' content! a cow, baby goats, chickens and ducks, a llama...the kittens are adorable, they look a lot like a new one that has moved in on your brother (they have 4 cats now!)...

  3. Awww! All of the new pets are adorable! I am a huge animal person and would bring home every stray I saw if I could. :)
    Don't be too upset about having cats and a dog...I have chinchillas! http://www.solarnavigator.net/animal_kingdom/rodents/chinchilla.htm
    The names for your cats are adorable! :)
    If you are going to have indoor cats de-clawing is a must...we have had several experiences with cats thinking our couches are claw toys...:)
    Did y'all plan to get two or did it "just happen"? :)
    Are y'all training Mocha or are you hiring a trainer? I loved training my dog. It's such a bonding experience.
    Enjoy your new pets!!!!!!!!
    Christ be with you all,

  4. I laughed the entire post...you made my day!
    My hats off to you for getting a puppy...and bonus kitties also...you softy you!
    Enjoy your animals...next could be cows you just wait and see...

  5. Yeah...what has gotten into you? Babies of all sorts are popping up at your house. ha ha! Love the German Shephard and those kittys are so, so cute! You are blessed girl! :)

    Still unpacking...just finished cleaning today.. If I don't ever have to clean another bathroom or scrub another cabinet that will just fine with me. The girls and I cleaned for 5 hours today. I'm worn out!

    Chris xoxo

  6. Lots of new cuteness in the house! Looks like your puppy has a very sweet temperment. There's nothing like a pair of kittens to provide entertainment. Fun!


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