Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Update

Last week during my tooth drama I also had my first appointment with the midwife.  Laffy Taffy was born at home, with a midwife, it was SO wonderful!  I really hoped to have a homebirth this time around too, but MN and WA are so different.  MN midwives can’t take insurance, at least not the kind I have.  So my second favorite option is a hospital birth with a midwife, which is an option here.  I found a God-Fearing midwife.  I am so thankful!  And she got to meet my husband.  I could just leave it at that, but I think I’ll have a little fun and explain what I mean by that.  My husband is definitely the more aggressive one in this union and he’s very verbal and not easily intimidated.  That being said, some women (in particular), don’t appreciate my husband’s strong personality.  I’m happy to report that my midwife wasn’t fazed in the slightest and actually enjoyed talking to him! 

During this visit I got to hear the precious heartbeat of my Salt Water Taffy…she had no problem finding it actually.  It was right where I was suspecting I was feeling the baby.  Yup, you read that right.  I’m going to publicly admit that I think I have felt the baby already.  I don’t usually feel my babies until almost 5 months!  So this unusual for me, but I like it!  :o)  The midwife just raised her eyebrows at me.  Snort!  Well, she’s never been pregnant 7 times, what does she know?  lol

My due date is March 31, 2011.

I have anemia.  Drat!  At least that explains why I’ve been so tired.  I was getting a little frustrated with myself wondering if I’d fallen into some cycle of laziness.  The test results I got today at least gave me a little peace knowing it’s not totally in my head!  I’m talking to my wonderful mom and natropath Aunt to get some tips on how to get this fixed without taking a bunch of iron supplements.  The problem is such a mystery to me because I’m already taking a multi-vitamin, folic acid and I’m on a pretty high protein diet, including eggs almost every morning. 

This is silly, but I really hope we are having a girl…I have so many cute Robeez shoes that I’ve collected at garage sales this summer….I’m anxious to use them!  :o)


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I felt my last baby, #5, at 13 weeks, what a great feeling though! I am excited for you guys.

  2. When you find a natural solution to your iron deficiency, would you please share it? Some of us suffer from this on a long term basis and would like to find a more natural and reliable approach to treating this. Thank you so much and congratulations on Salt Water!


  3. HI Lisa! Yes! I will happy to share! Look for the post in a few days because my Aunt has gotten back to me and given me some great ideas!

  4. Oh my I remember being so tired when I was pregnant with Kole the sixth baby. I had to take sub lingual drops of B12....this helped some. I wasn't anemic, just always tired.

    Sounds like the pregnancy is going well. I remember with some my the babies I felt them early. I think the earliest was like before 10 weeks. Maybe you'll have a very active little girl? Ha ha!! This was Tsavah...she was very active. We really thought we were having a boy... ha ha!

    Love those little shoes. Never did get them for Ana though. I never had the extra money and didn't look at yard sales for them. :) Oh well!

    Been extra busy over here. Finally got around to typing up a post. It is 2 AM and checking up on some of my favorite blogs. :) I'm falling asleep fast while typing this....oh get to bed.

    Chris xoxo

  5. Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post...we are going to write down March 31st on our calendars in anticipation of meeting are going to have to add to the collection of Robies and get a pair of Salt-Water Sandals...they come in bright, cute pink ya know...yeah you knew that already...hmmmmm I'm feeling a "baby-gift" idea comming on...oh, what fun!


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