Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Garden

I haven’t spent much time in the garden as of late, but today I made an effort to get down there and clean things up a little. (Many thanks to Chocolate Taffy for his cheerful help!)

fall garden 030

Our pumpkins are pretty much done. There are still two on the vines, so I left those vines in tact. The rest I pulled up and put in an empty potato box—we’ll be tilling those into the dirt later this month. The vines were all over the yard, it looks so much better now that they are cleaned up and the grass is mowed! We did the same cleanup with the cucumber vines…they were in the strawberries, raspberries and starting to encroach on the bee hives!

fall garden 032

Can you tell which are from my garden and which are from Trader Joe’s? The shiny ones are from TJ’s!

fall garden 034

If I would have known these silly peppers were going to be so productive, I would have only planted 1 plant! There are still MORE out there and I’ve frozen many many peppers! The two little apples are from one of our trees. We ate the biggest one for lunch. Tart and Juicy!

fall garden 035

Only 2 zucchini's. I was under the impression that I would have TOO many zucchini's from one plant. Next year I’m planting a couple! Also, only one of our butternut squash made it which is disappointing because we really love squash. Next year: More squash, less tomatoes and peppers!

fall garden 038

We added to our “orchard.” We got two honey crisp apple trees--on clearance! So now we have 4 apple trees, one needs to be staked, as you can see it’s leaning a little. And that big bushy thing against the fence is our miracle Fig Tree. There are actually figs on that tree! This plant should not be living, but it’s not only living but it’s thriving! This tree has brought Mr. Taffy much hope through the last year.

fall garden 031

I’ve started taking down my signs, so they can dry off and be stored until next spring. Only one fell apart. :o)

fall garden 037

Mr. Taffy and Chocolate worked on the hives. They put a pallet underneath and some black stuff to get ready for the cooler and wetter weather. And since they were in full bee garb they brought in a little Drone Bee for the little ones to play with.

fall garden 026

She was a little concerned at first, “Really, it’s not going to sting me?"

fall garden 024

But you can see she warmed up nicely. And Laffy Taffy didn’t have any trouble with this little guy, in fact, rumor has it that he actually started laughing!

fall garden 028

In case you don’t know…drones aren’t hatched with stingers. There one and only purpose in life is to mate with the Queen. :o)


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I didn't know that about drones :) I'm glad to know now!! And I think it would be wonderful to have our own pumpkins!!

  2. I didn't know that about drones either! And what a gorgeous smile little Miss Bubble Gum Taffy has! Simply beautiful!

  3. You never cease to amaze me. I love the harvest. As I read and looked through the pics I'm in awe of how you did it all. Seriously... I wouldn't even know how to begin to plant a garden. I did it once before a long time ago. I guess that if I was determined I could do it. :)

    Almost done with the move-in... yay! Stay tuned for a post this week sometime.

  4. That reminds me how much we love acorn squash! And it seems like you should have had more zucchini! Next year you will probably be giving it away!


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