Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Update

Boy oh boy! I haven't been on here much because I've been dealing with my teeth again. It's so non-interesting, but I think I may finally have a resolution in sight. This afternoon I'll be going to an oral surgeon to get that troubled tooth removed. It's what I decided to do instead of a root-canal. I've been on antibiotics since Saturday and Tylenol 3 since yesterday...This is all very frustrating to me because the pain in my tooth has basically rendered me useless as a mom and wife. Thankfully my family has much grace for me and they are basically holding things together around here. I've been running out of the house for different urgent care appointments and meals have been late or non-exisitant...sigh...They are so great!

On a happier note...I saw the midwife yesterday! I heard our little baby's heartbeat--so wonderful! I also endured a lovely pap...right along with a throbbing headache, but I'm glad to have it over with! Since I'm over 35 I agreed to schedule a level 2 ultrasound, but that's it for genetic testing. I'm not even having the ultrasound because I'm worried about downs's purely selfish why I agreed. I figure I'll have a better chance of finding out if it's a boy or girl this way! lol It's fun to be surprised too, but I like to plan! :o)

So the past few days I've spent too much time away from home, on the phone (talking to insurance and nurses and dentists) and laying on the couch! I am so looking forward to tomorrow, when I expect to be feeling a little more normal and a little more stable!

If you think of it...I would love prayers that the tooth would come out smoothly. I'm only slightly terrified and I won't have my rock (hubby) there with me to keep me calm, cool and collected!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Tooth pain is not fun! I do oil pulling and and that keeps my sensitive teeth from hurting. A proper diet used to work for me.

    I understand about wanting to find out if you are having a boy or girl!

    I'm praying that everything will go well tomorrow!

  2. Ugh...toothaches are not fun. I remember when I had one while I was pregnant with Tsavah and had to get it pulled. OUch!!

    Praying that all goes well. :) I'm sure it will :) heard the teeny tiny little one. Yay!!

    I had one of those level 2 ultrasounds when I went the hospital route with Ana. I actually refused it at first but the doc insisted we have it done. I told her that I wouldn't have an abortion if they found something wrong so what's the point. She insisted strongly saying that it helps the docs get a better peek into the baby's general health and if need be something was wrong they would transfer me to a facility with better care for baby and me.

    She continued to share how they discovered a heart defect on a baby which would have been deadly if they didn't do surgery right after birth. The baby was due to be delivered at a hospital with low level NICU care but since the mother had the level 2 they were able to transfer her maternity care to the docs at a hospital with a higher level NICU. The doc told me that at birth the baby was taken right down the hall to the NICU and her life was saved. If she would have not had the level 2 and just the regular ultrasound this condition would have not been detected.

    That sold me right there!! I will do anything to help my know? Plus after going through the battle with my friend and her little baby Kara...I totally recommend those ultrasounds now.

    I am thankful that my boys, who were born at home and never had an ultrasound (only the first few weeks for dating purposes), were born healthy. I remember fearing with my seventh that something would be wrong...I was in constant prayer over every part of my pregnancy. I was so thankful he was healthy and whole!

    I'm so happy for you...

    Ok gotta run..

    Sending love and hugs your way friend!

    Chris xoxo

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