Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tot School-Week 5


Good week of Tot School, though I didn’t have my camera with me every day. Here he is working through some file folder games.

002 004


He pulled this off the shelf himself! He really likes this shape game, even if he doesn’t totally understand it yet. He’s determined to figure it out!



See his thinking face? :o) I made this activity up. I took the cube from our Peg-y Back game and had him roll it. Whatever color the cube landed on, he pulled that color peg out and put in on the tray.


As he rolled the same colors, he would stack the pegs. We talked about which stacks were the tallest and shortest and which were the same. He counted the pegs too. He really liked this game.


A little bit of time to play with the Silky Crayons. (More thinking!)


I wrote his name and let him trace the letters.



The most exciting Tot School experience Laffy Taffy had this week was meeting our new family member. My little guy is NOT an animal person, he barely tolerates stuffed animals. But he did pretty good with our sweet “Mocha.” But you can see he’s just barely touching her…I’m just glad he would touch her!


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Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love the thinking faces! So cute. The new dog should be lots of fun!

  2. hmmm, have I missed something? Who is Mocha???

  3. That's what I look like when I think too. LOL I'm not nearly as cute though.

  4. I like how you came up w/ your own learning game from the peg board! Looks like he had fun. Visiting from the Tot School Blog Hop and also a fellow TOS Crew member. :)

  5. I love how you took the peg game and extended it into something new to work on different skills. That's the kind of creative thinking I definitely need around our place!

  6. Awww! So sweet. :)
    Mocha is absolutely adorable! And great name... :)
    German Shepherds are wonderful dogs and since y'all are raising her with the kids she will be even better. :)
    Tot school looks so cute. I remember loving the earliest grades. :)
    And I think that the Salt Water Taffy countdown is great. :) How many more kinds of taffy are there? LOL!
    Christ be with you all!

  7. Where do you get your file folder games from? I've been looking for some good ones. Those silky crayons also look great, we're going to have to get some. :)

  8. Drea, I got the file folder games from Enjoy! The silkies I bought on Amazon!


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