Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keep Standing


Last week, as a family, we went through the book of Ephesians. What a great book of the Bible! During our fellowship time my husband had all the adults and children alike share what impacted them most in the book. It’s great to hear children talk about scripture, their interpretation is so pure. I’m going to share the part of Ephesians that impacted me the most and hope it encourages you too.

Remember a while ago when our family was going through a tremendously looooooonnnnngggg trail of joblessness. During that same time we came under persecution from our friends and leadership. It was an extremely hard time. I haven’t thought about it much since we’ve made it to the other side, but reading Ephesians and seeing all my underlining and circling, reminded me of that struggle and what the Lord spoke to me during that time.


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