Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It’s a girl!

This morning was my level 2 ultra sound.  Baby looks good!  Actually baby looks GREAT!  And baby totally is a GIRL!


Here’s the baby’s profile.  She was laying in an unagreeable way to get a whole body shot, but I think her head is adorable!


Here’s a sweet little foot.  3 centimeters long.  Smile


And here’s the proof that we have a little girl.  What you are looking at is basically directly up the baby’s rump.  You can see the legs, at least half of them, though I assure you that the rest of the legs were there!  That little white spot is the computer cursor pointing to the little girl part.  Even if you can’t tell that’s it a little girl part, you can definitely tell it ISN’T a little boy part!

On an interesting side note, we have a funny little situation called single umbilical artery.  Usually an umbilical cord has 2 arteries and 1 vein, my little girly only has one artery in her umbilical cord.  Apparently this happens about 1 in 200 babies.  It’s not a problem unless there are other issues with the baby.  We DON’T have any other issues, so they aren’t worried about it.  There is a slight possibility that it could affect the babies growth rate, but she already is measuring ahead of schedule, so we aren’t worried about that either! 

My appointment was really early this morning, but my husband and I were having fun hanging out together and going out to breakfast, that’s why it’s taken me so long to get this post up!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Congratulations! So glad to hear that all is going well. Blessings as you prepare for your newest little girly!
    schroepfer 7 @ gmail. com

  2. Oh! That is SO wonderful & exciting! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am completely happy for you guys! Precious, precious, precious! Lots of love to you dear lady! And, by the way, I love the new harvest look!

  3. Congrats! My daughter also had a two vessel umbilical cord and other than having to have extra ultrasounds (which I loved getting to see her all I could) there were no problems!!! Best Wishes!

  4. Congratulations! She's adorable already. I'll bet the girls are excited to hear a sister is coming. ;)

  5. Congratulations!! Don't you love seeing your baby moving around on an always brought tears of joy to my eyes!

  6. Congratulations, amazing photos!! I love your new BLOG look too, especially the scrapbook page look across the top. Love you, Aunt C.

  7. Thank you everybody! I'm going to have so much fun getting ready for this baby!

    ScrappinAway-So glad everything was fine with your baby! I'm looking forward to everything being fine with mine as well! :)

    Aunt C-I just figured out how to do that fancy header yesterday! It was so much fun once I figured it out! I can't wait to change it for Christmas! :)

    Saskimom-Oh Yeah! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little baby moving around, so safe and healthy!

  8. Congratulations!! How exciting- another little girl!! I just love being able to see those precious little ones growing in the womb- it's so amazing! What an awesome God!!
    I also had a dear friend's baby that had a single umbilical artery- & she got to go for a few extra ultrasounds (which I love!), but the baby was healthy & perfect! :)

  9. Oh my...oh my!! I am jumping for joy!! yay!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU....OH MY!!! :) Can you tell how excited I am for you....YAY!!

    I bet you are so incredibly happy. HOw fun!! My good friend just gave birth this afternoon to a beautiful little baby girl. Oh boy...there is a little part of me that wants to have another baby. Ha ha!! And that is when the house is quiet and all other kiddos are tucked away in their warm beds.

    Anyway, so happy for you!

  10. Oh, Congratulations!! Sooo happy for you! The girls must be ecstatic! Mine are cheering for your wonderful family! Beautiful!


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