Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pregnancy Update Week 20

I had a great visit with the midwife on Wednesday and I wanted to share with you a few things that are new information to me.

First off I have been thinking about how I can make my hospital birth experience as much like my homebirth experience as possible.  One thing I’ve determined to do, to keep things mellow after delivery, is forgo the “mandatory” baby bath.  You know, the bath the gets the baby all worked up and cold too.  After Laffy Taffy was born, my midwife did not bathe him.  I kept wondering…when?  She just casually said it’s not necessary.  All that white stuff that sometimes is left on a baby after delivery just absorbs back into the skin.  I didn’t know you could do that!  Ha!  Laffy Taffy didn’t have his first bath until after he had born a week, possibly longer.  And guess what?  He didn’t stink! And nothing bad happened!  The downside, according to my current midwife, is that they won’t touch my baby girl without gloves on until she’s had a bath.  Why you ask?  Because  the amniotic fluid which is considered “body fluid” and a “no-no” to touch with bare hands.  Sounds good to me, I think I would prefer them to touch my baby with gloved hands anyway!

She also said I don’t have to do the eye drops (because I’m in a monogamous relationship) or the Vitamin K shot (because I’m not having a son—no circumcision).  Phew!  I’m so glad she mentioned those things, I already feel like such a rebel!

Apparently there is a new position at the hospital called a “flyer.”  Any of my MN readers have experience with one of them?  She said they are assigned to the baby during delivery and she is really bothered by their practice of rubbing the baby (in a not so gentle way) after delivery.  Hmmm…not sure how I’m going to get around that yet.  I’ll just probably have to put my husband on “flyer” guard!  He He!

One more thing, she said that she’s known several of her mom’s who have been diagnosed with a two cord artery and after delivery and upon further inspection, there has been 3 cords there!  She’s not worried about it either!

Oh the thought of holding this little baby and having her be part of our family and our future is making me giddy!  I just feel so blessed and so treasured that God would see fit to give His daughter another child to care for and grow in grace for His kingdom!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I'm getting ready for baby #6 (any time now!) and here are some things we've done. Background, we've always had a midwife, always delivered at a hospital, and always had pitocin (my body doesn't do labor contractions - ugh).
    1. I learned how to unhook and rehook those pesky baby monitors so I could go to the bathroom or walk around when I needed to, not when a nurse finally got around to checking on my call.
    2. I bring dvds to watch in labor, preferably something new. One baby is was the movie Transformers (sigh, hubby's idea), last time it was a season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 from a friend, and this year I've purchased two seasons of the Duggar family to watch - which we've never seen as we have no tv!
    3. After the baby is born they go right to me and stay there until time for the nursery.
    4. The baby does not head to the nursery without ME and hubby! I let the nurses know I expect a wheelchair to be able to accompany baby while I'm still in labor.
    5. Obvioiusly, the baby rooms in, but I also refuse to let the staff just take them for a few hours in the middle of the night to wait for tests/circumcision/etc. The pediatrician comes to my room for everything but the circ. Or they have to get me another wheelchair and take me to the nursery too, which speeds them along..hheehehee!

  2. I am sooooo excited!!

  3. Tristan-love your ideas! So exciting that baby is due any day! I NEVER let them take my baby out of the room! We only did one circumcision in the hospital, the rest were at a clinic 8 days later, but the one time they did--Mr. Taffy went along! I'm SOOO protective! My labors are so fast I don't usually have time to watch a movie, but afterward--I GET SO BORED in the hospital. So bringing a new movie for afterward is a good idea! I also always buy myself a new pair of fuzzy socks and lounge pants. I just love the feel of a new socks and jammies!

    Halfway through today! So exciting! Blessings on a safe and quick birth and a healthy baby! Hugs!

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  5. Rebel,
    You go girl!!!! We should all take a stand like you are doing...afterall WE do pay a huge amount for them to service YOU....ugh the last time I we had a baby I felt like I was in the way and well if it weren't for us big family people they would not have a job....ha! I am surprized that you are not having your little girl at home? Not allowed in MN I suppose...too bad and wish you could do that again! Hugs to you dear friend! I'll be praying for everything to be exactly what the Lord needs it to be for the little beauty to arrive safe and sound!

  6. "I already feel like such a rebel!" ~ ha ha!

    I'm planning my 2nd unassisted homebirth (due in 5 weeks) ~ they would hate me at the hospital. ;-)

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Sending up prayers for a safe and beautiful labor and delivery for you! *Ü*

  7. I just absolutely love reading your updates. I always get a big smile and just a good feeling about it all. Seriously! I am so happy things are going well for you.

    Speaking of the bath...I had Ana at the hospital and for some reason or other they never bathed her. Shhhh I think they forgot because the following day I asked one of the nurses and she looked at me like she was surprised that they didn't. "Oh they didn't bathe her?" said the nurse. She never had a bath and they did touch her without the gloves. I guess because they thought she had her bath. Ha ha...

    Chris xoxo


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