Monday, November 1, 2010

Solitaire Chess-Review


Timberdoodle recently sent me this cool chess game. The great thing about this game is that it can be played independently! Even though we have a big family, there’s not always someone available to play a game!


Right away Chocolate Taffy dove into the game. He was a little concerned because the ages for the game are 8 to adult and he, being a ripe old age of 14, didn’t want to play a “kid’s game.”


So what did he do? He took out all 30 double-side game cards and selected the last and most challenging game to see how hard it really was.


After trying for about 30 minutes this is what he looked like!

006 007

As you can see, it’s not only a “kid’s game.” :)

The object of the game is to set up the pieces the way the cards say, moving the pieces with traditional chess rules and ending up with only one piece still in play. Sounds easy right? It starts out pretty easy, but there are 3 levels of play and they get increasingly more challenging.

Even Mr. Taffy gave card 60 a try! After working all day and being exhausted, he couldn’t solve the puzzle.


Then something amazing happened. A couple days after we got the game our first-born, Banana Taffy, gave card 60 a try and had it solved in 30 seconds! He’s always been a brawny boy but not always a brainy one, he has us all impressed and holds the Chess Champion Title in our house! Good job Banana Taffy!

Blue-Raspberry is the one who is totally IN-LOVE with this game! He loves chess anyway and is always trying to get people to play it with him, so this solitaire game was right up his alley!

009 010

He’s been playing it non-stop since it arrived. He played it in between subjects in school, he even took it outside during his free time! He worked through the cards one by one. Sometimes he needed a little help, but mostly he had it figured out. He’s 7. So if you have a 7 year old that is already crazy about chess this game would probably be appropriate.

If this game sounds fun to you and something you know your children would love to play on Thanksgiving Day or find Christmas morning under the tree, visit Timberdoodle. The game sells for $17.50 and when you order if from Timberdoodle you are not only supporting a fantastic homeschool family, but you will also get to experience their awesome website and super fast shipping! Here's the link to get your own catalog-FREE!


Mrs. Taffy

Disclosure: This game was given to me for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions here belong to me and my family, we were not paid!


  1. Love that review! I always loved everything from Timberdoodle.

  2. Great review! We are still loving this game!


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