Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Conclusions

It’s the end of Christmas day and I only have one regret…I didn’t take any pictures.  Can you believe it?  I just wanted to participate in the day and not be hiding behind a camera.  I didn’t regret it at the time, but now I do—just a little bit.

Last night we had a nice turkey dinner with peppermint ice cream cake for dessert.  We let the children open presents from each other.  Our tradition is that they each draw a name of one of their siblings.  Then we watched the movie Ruth, featuring Carman.  It was nice, a little slow, but nice.  Three of our children decided to sleep under the Christmas tree, including the 3 year old!  That will be a special memory for them.

On Christmas morning Mr. Taffy and I hid the stockings, another tradition, and while it was still dark, did some fun unwrapping!  After stockings, we had Christmas Coffee Cake and blackberries with whip cream for breakfast.  After some quick clean up we opened gifts.  Just two each and we go in birth order from youngest to oldest, so that we can all see what each other got.  My favorite gift was the Bitty Twins I found for Bubble Gum Taffy at a garage sale back in May!  Oh the joy! 

Then we spent the rest of the day eating and laying on the couch watching the Sugar Creek Gang.  I made Turkey Wild Rice soup for dinner and before dinner we played some awesome rip roaring card games!  I put my little people to bed early, because they are tired out!  They did get a couple hours out in the snow as well.  Smile  So they weren’t laying around all day!  lol 

Tomorrow I’m going to restock my wrapping paper supply at Target and clean!  I’m looking forward to putting away the Christmas décor and organizing our Christmas Treasures!

I pray you had a wonderful day as well! 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Sounds like such a sweet, relaxing Christmas! I always SAY that I'm going to go out the next day and restock my wrapping paper...but I never do. Maybe this year I will! (Yeah, right!). Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

  2. We had a great couple of days as well too! Great time with the family home, and we got to spend time with a neighbor as well. We also did the two gifts thing this year - the tree didn't look very american - and my youngest had a bit of hard time with his - but after the morning was out - he was overjoyed and said it was the best Christmas ever. :) Love That. I did take photos - but they got deleted during import. :) Bummer. But I'll remember. :)

  3. That sounds nice! This year I bought all my wrapping stuff at the dollar store, and I think it was cheaper. There is one store in town that I hope might have sale ornaments though...I'm glad you had such a nice day.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day!

    ((hugss) and sending love!

    Chris xoxo


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