Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve

We don’t make a big deal about New Year’s here…we used to, but then we got old, I mean, we had children! Smile Our day is pretty quiet really. We have a few that are sick, so they are laying low.


I’ve been busy planning our homeschool for the next month. I planned 5 weeks for each of the older three. It went pretty smoothly actually. It’s rather exciting because Banana Taffy is going to finish his Biology book this month and his Algebra 2 book! Does that mean he’s done with 10th grade? I’m not really sure. It’s an unusual thing teaching these older ones, it’s not like I can just take a day off here and there. I can’t just decide, “I don’t feel like doing school today.” They keep me accountable and I have to keep up with them! I love it! It’s exhausting but wonderful!


I think they all feel they’ve had a long enough break, except maybe Strawberry Taffy who would be content to keep busy all day doing anything BUT school work! lol I’m not sure I had a long enough break though! Phew! I feel like I made a lot of fun things happen for people around me, but didn’t really get to just participate in anything fun, you know, that I didn’t plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy in anyway, just reflecting back on the past two weeks.

I took the 1 hour gestational diabetes test last week, and I failed it. UGH! So yesterday I had to take the boring 3 hour test. It actually wasn’t too bad, they gave me a room to hang out in and the clinic actually had WIFI-who knew?! I haven’t heard back from the lab so I’m thinking that’s a good thing. Last time they called me the same day as the test!

Now I’m cleaning the homeschool room and playroom…are you wondering how I’m doing that and writing a blog post at the same time…well, it’s very simply because I mopped the playroom floor and I’m writing while I’m waiting for it to dry, which is probably about now!

I hope you are having a nice New Year’s Eve too! May the Lord bless you in all your endeavors this year and may you grow to KNOW HIM more in 2011.



Mrs. Taffy


  1. Awe....cute pic of the two of you!! Sorry to hear that some are feeling poorly. Bummer! We are having what has turned into our annual "junk food" new years eve party. lol Complete with movies, games, sleeping bags in the livingroom, and plenty of naughty food!

  2. Great picture of you and your husband. :)


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