Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have a little confession to make.  It exhausts me, the very thought of getting my little people ready to play in the snow!  This is something I either delegate to somebody who doesn’t have issues with bending over or force myself to do.  And not in a very loving way I might add, usually I say things like, “if you come in ONCE, you stay in!” “You better not eat ANY snow!”  It might not be such a drag if I had a better way of dealing with their wet stuff once they come in.  The garage is crowded and wet from boots and we don’t have a “mud room.”  I usually just bring a laundry basket to the back door for them to throw all their wet stuff in, then in goes promptly into the dryer!  Enough words, now for some pictures!



How can I really be upset with those happy faces!  They LOVE it out there!  (Well somebody doesn’t look too happy…)033

036                      039

Today they played out there for over an hour before I called them in, their faces were turning red and I kept hearing the ear-piecing screams of a frustrated 3 year old.  But I do love on them when they get in!  Hot Chocolate and graham crackers with peanut butter anyone?




Yum! Yum!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Very well written, I felt your pain! I We are just having monsoons of RAIN!

    Stay warm!

  2. You have transformed our hot chocolate habits over here....We now have candy canes, sprinkles and whipping cream too! What fun!! But I have to say I've never thought of grahm crackers and peanut butter either. Hmmmmm. We love both so I think we'll have to give that a try next! Thanks!!

  3. I have the same issues and we don't get much snow at all! I always make them use the powder room first!

  4. Ahhh! We love snow here in Alabama!!! Seeing that we never really get it. :) We loved it in Germany though! And yes! I remember spending half an hour getting bundled up just to go outside for ten min and decide that it was too cold so we went back inside all wet and with red noses...then after we fully soaked the floor at the door we rushed to the kitchen where momma would make us hot chocolate and sometimes nutella bread! I love the memories we made.
    We had snow last year for a whole day here! That was a blast and we had TINY flurries today...don't expect to get anything substantial this year. :)
    Love the pictures!!! Have fun in the cooold! :) Build fond memories and drink lots of warm and yummy hot chocolate! :)
    Christ be with you,

  5. Oh my goodness! I am SOOOOO with you. I say, "Stay out there for two hours, because it's your only time out there today." It takes forever to get everyone in the right gear, and then a disaster when everyone comes in. Last time they went out, I delivered hot chocolate to them outside, hoping it would extend their playing.
    It sure is pretty....and they LOVE it though.
    Lisa C.

  6. Oh, the memories of everyday cold and snow. When my two oldest were little, we lived in a Christian Community in Alaska, and we went two times a day to a community diningroom, plus outside for playing etc... One day I counted all the things I had to put on them before I could send them out, or take them out. 16 items! And that was just for 2 children.... 4 boots, 2 snowpants, 2 coats, 2 scarves, 2 hats, and 4 mittens!! Oh, the memories. Now we live in Washington, where snow is infrequent, and a bit of a luxury. We all love it now.... maybe we always have.....

  7. Fun SNOW!! I sorta miss it it. I was telling Donnie and the kids the other day as we woke up to 70ish weather with a nice breeze....I sometimes wish we could experience snow. Live in a nice traditional neighborhood with the homes all decked out in christmas lights, and friends coming over for egg nog, you know kinda like those Christmas movies we've been watching Wouldn't that be just perfect." My husband said, "That doesn't really happen and remember all those winters when you lived up north and couldn't wait till the spring". Then I thought and added..."Yeah..but you get to really, really, appreciate spring and summer."

    So yes, part of me misses the snowy weather especially, ESPECIALLY around Christmas. And that my kids could experience playing and sledding in the snow. Watched on the news about the big blizzard so checking up to see if you guys were ok... :) Looks like you are!!

    It's actually cold here today with some yucky rain. SO I guess my kids will be homebound too, ( so to speak.) ha ha :)

    chris xoxo


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