Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yes or No, but “no but’s!”


I’m sure you’ve heard it before too. You kindly ask your child to do something and they kindly reply, “but Mom…” This has been happening repeatedly at my house by a particular child. He is Momma’s boy so he’s pretty compliant, but lately, I can’t get him to say, “yes Mom” like I want him too and this is rubbing off on his little brother and sister. Hmmm…So I started making it a little more black and white for him. I’ve been asking him to say yes or no when I ask him to do something, after all God’s Word tell us that any other answer is from the devil! Ha! Now when I start hearing the beginnings of “buuuu” I quickly ask him, Yes or No? Because in my mind “but Mom” might as well be a no.  To read more click here


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Very good! I'm going to use this for my children and think about what I am saying to God also! Thanks!


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