Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This happens to me EVERY pregnancy, even the ones where I’ve moved before delivery…I crave and conquer projects.  Especially sewing projects!  So this past weekend I indulged my “need to nest” and finished all my sewing projects that I had slated to do in January.


Two double-sided extra large receiving blankets.  These are for my brother’s baby due in May.  They were told it’s “probably” a boy! 


One more girly one…I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this or save it for a gift.


Two Aprons.  Can you tell which one is for me?  I made the other one for my mom, who is coming to visit in April.  This is part of the Thank You/Happy Mother’s Day gift I’m giving her.  She’s probably going to see it on here, but hopefully she’ll just forget about it!  Smile  I can hope anyway!

I’m also working on our little bathroom.  We’ve been living in this house with one shower since we moved back in, almost 2 years ago.  Mr. Taffy finally finished his part of the project so I can go ahead with my part--painting and decorating!  I painted this past weekend and I’m planning on making a shower curtain and a frame for the mirror so it looks like a picture frame.  The style will tie in with the rest of the house: Country folk art-ish. Hopefully my older sons will have a new place to take a shower before next weekend!  Woohoo! 

This happens to me every pregnancy.  I just can’t help it.  The ideas just pour in to my brain and I usually have the energy to tackle them!  I think creating a baby is the most creative thing a woman can do and I think that’s partly why this creativity comes out in other areas, through nesting.

By the way, if you are pregnant and having trouble sleeping might I suggest Red Raspberry Leaf?  I’ve taken it faithfully since the beginning of the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy and for both the 2nd and 3rd trimester of the last one.  Not only did it help me heal up quickly after birth, I’m talking not much bleeding here, it also claims to help with sleep!  Which I must agree does so very nicely!  I never have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep!  I buy mine from here.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You take the red raspberry leaf in a pill form? I have only seen it as a drink, the pills have the same effect?

  2. Somehow in the crazyness of life I missed that you are pregnant. Congratulations!

  3. Heather-Yes, I take it in pill form and I believe it has the same effect, just keeps me from having to go to the bathroom as often! I do like to drink the tea as well. I don't think you can drink or take too much Red Raspberry Leaf!

    Angela-Thanks! :o)

  4. Your receiving blankets are so cute! You are doing a good job using that wonderful nesting energy. I always feel the need to work hard before the baby is born 'cause I know I will not be getting much work done after the babe is born.

  5. I'm about two months preggo & sick a lot of the time. I was this way with my last baby. What do you use for morning sickness? I will be buying some red raspberry leaf pills soon too. Thanks!

  6. Mama Mandy,
    I didn't take anything for morning sickness...I didn't really have that too badly. I had what I called "hunger sickness." I was get to feeling so badly if I waited too long to eat. So I just ate VERY often those first few months. Protein like eggs and Peanut butter on toast seemed to make me feel better than a bowl of cereal or a salad. Have you tried that? Eating often? It's not so good for the weight gain those first few months, but it seems to average after for me after that. I hope that helps a little. Congratulations on your new little blessing! :o)

  7. I was the same way and I loved it :) Nesting is one of my favourite parts of being pregnant. I got soooo much done in my last weeks!

  8. Do you have a pattern for these cute little receiving blankets? I'd love to make one for my friend who is having her first child but I am super new to sewing. I just bought a machine 2 weeks ago!

  9. Britney, I don't have a pattern, but they are really easy to make. I'll send you the direction in an email! So happy for you that you got a sewing machine! I hope you love it!


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