Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tot School-Week 17


This week finds us in the bitter cold.  We’ve been pretty housebound, but Laffy Taffy is healthy and happy and ready for Tot School!


The week started out with blocks. Lots and lots of blocks!  He was building with his Rainbow Blocks, his sensory blocks and some new Block Mates that we are reviewing.  018

When he was tired of building vertically, he decided to build a “hop-scotch” as he called it and then balanced on it and jumped over it!  Pretty snazzy!

    025                  026

Then we spent time reviewing his numbers with ordinal position and numeral recognition.  He didn’t miss a single number this time!

024 (2)

Practicing the letters of his name again. 


After he practiced writing his letters, I wanted to see if he could identify the same letters from the alphabet.  He could find a few, but it worked well for me to show him the card and say, can you find the /a/ sound? 


Can you find the /h/ sound?


Stacking by size and color.  (Review coming soon!)

013                 020

One of our Tot School times he told me he just “wanted to build.”  So I suggested his Wedgits and he was a happy camper!

011 (3)

I wish I knew what to call this cupcake game, it’s like a puzzle and a shape matching game.  The clock is electronic and will tell the time in both Spanish and English, he just likes to play with it and listen to it.

008 (3)                       007 (2)

File Folder Games!!


Cupcake Counting.

006                       007

Color matching.008 (2)

Front and back.


Doing these was a little nostalgic for me.  Reminded me of the time we didn’t have any extra money for preschool stuff and I wasn’t doing reviews then.  Some of the games I made are pretty sad because we didn’t have enough ink so the colors are all skewed, but I still can’t help but be thankful for that time and for these games that remind me of that time.  Tot Schooling doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just has to have heart!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE seeing Laffy Taffy at work (play)!


  2. I LOVE that file folder cupcake game. Sooo cute! Do you remember where you got that from?

    I have given you an award. You can find it here......

  3. Jen- This is the website that is full of free file folder games. You might have to make an account to access them all, I can't remember. If you search cupcakes I'm sure it will come up, there were other activities under the same cupcake theme!

    Thanks for the award! So thoughtful!

  4. Followed over from the Tot School link-up! Looks like a great week. I love how organized your school room looks! The funny printing b/c of no enough ink/etc story hit home for me. We are at "that" place right now w/hubby on unemployment. I'm definitely having to come up with creative ideas! Can't wait until hubby is back to work (next month) and I can invest in a workbox system and tot trays! Have a blessed week! :)


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