Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An answered prayer…

You’ll recall me sharing some of my concerns about my upcoming delivery in this post and this post.  Well, since the time I posted those I have been busy praying and hoping and believing for some different answers. 

One day it dawned on me that there was a new law passed in Minnesota the beginning of the year which allows Private Birthing Centers, with midwives, to be allowed to accept insurance.  Prior to this new law, you basically had to pay cash or use a medical reimbursement account for such services.  I started wondering if this new law would apply to me and my situation being as I’m currently on Medical Assistance.  (No flames please…if you know about our trial with unemployment you’ll know we waited until the last possible minute before getting government help and we aren’t receiving any now, except for medical coverage for me—they allow me to stay on because I’m pregnant, Mr. Taffy current contracting job has no insurance.)  So I started making some phone calls.  At first the calls went nowhere, the county and customer service at the insurance company didn’t know anything about it.


Then I got a call from a person who does know!  She’s the director of one of the birthing centers located 4 minutes from the hospital I was scheduled to deliver at.  She knew all about the law and their center is working on getting certified and that process should be complete towards the beginning of March.  Despite the date, the insurance companies are allowing retroactive claims be made, up until the 1st of January.  As she was talking to me I could barely listen and contain myself because I wanted to know if she could accept me being on Medical Assistance.  (I should mention, at this point I was willing to entertain the idea of paying cash for the delivery too…I would gladly forgo any of my organizing/fixer-upping plans to buy some peace!)  When I finally got to ask she told me they are allowed 2 MA patients per delivery month, they already have one for March and I’m the Second!  Phew!  In by the skin of my teeth! 


This is just an incredible blessing that I am still digesting.  I have an initial free consultation next week and then I’ll do whatever I have to do to get my care transferred over there.  These midwives are the real deal…the kind that believe a woman was made to deliver a baby.  I don’t have a disease or a problem to solve, just a birth to experience!  While I know that my current midwife does believe she has my best interests at heart, I also know that she has to be extra careful and take extra precautions.  I just don’t want to feel like I’m bucking the system constantly, I don’t want to worry about Pitocin and shots and cord tugging and hearing tests…I want to put all my energies and focuses on delivering a baby, then recovering from the delivery and then going on to nurse that baby into oblivion!  That’s where I’m at anyway.  Smile

I am overwhelmed with how much God loves me.  Awestruck by the way He worked this out for me.  Saddened that I had any doubt that He would make a way for me. 

Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or think of!  That’s why He’s God.  I’m just His daughter that still needs to learn to trust Him completely and fully in every area of my life!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Yay! So glad to hear your answered prayer! Praise the Lord, He always has our best in His plans!

  2. I can't wait tilll the baby comes!!! I am so EXCITED!!!
    Glad that your prayers were answered!
    Love you!


  3. Awesome! I've been praying for you and what an amazing answer.

  4. This is wonderful! Thanks God!

  5. It is so sweet to see how God works out the cries of our hearts and teaches us to depend on Him. I rejoice with every reminder of answered prayer and hearts being drawn to Him - He is so good and He cares for the details of our lives so intimately. Rejoicing with you today for this answered prayer!

  6. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Great news! So glad the LORD provided another way :))

  7. Yay...Yay...Yay!!! That is wonderful news. I am so happy you'll be able to get into the birthing center. How awesome!

    Oh and I totally understand about medical assistance (medicaid is what they call it down here, I'm sure it's the same up there). I applied for it the beginning of February after Kole has a bout with asthma. I never finished the process. Donnie's insurance begins in April. Anyway, I'm sure you heard about Moriah's arm how she broke it? Well...when I was at the ER the nurse asked me about insurance and I clearly told her we didn't have anything. As she is punching in all the info, she looks at me and says "did you know that Moriah has full coverage Medicaid?) I looked at her confused and wondering how that even happened because all I did was fill out the form on the computer and never once sent in anymore paperwork.

    SO praise the Lord some how she has full coverage as well as the other children for the next few months. God did work it all out. Please keep Moriah in prayer she has surgery on Monday.

    I know I need to type this on my blog on how God has provided. He always does!!

    Sending much love and hugs and oh how I wished we all lived near each other. It would be so awesome! One day I know we'll meet up.

    Chris xoxo


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