Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homeschool run down

I’ve got some homeschool thoughts rolling around in my head and I need a place to put them.  This might turn into a long post—just warning you!

High school

Banana and Chocolate Taffy have been plugging along.  They have accepted the responsibility of their education and flourished!  I still am very involved, but I don’t have to constantly remind them to do their work, I don’t have to remind them of the reasons why they “have to” do school.  Because of this, they will have completed 180 days of school by the end of April.  Minnesota doesn’t have a law about how many days learning must take place, but it was the standard in Washington and it’s a good guideline, so I’ve stuck with it.


Banana Taffy has moved on to 11th grade already, he finished his 10th grade Algebra 2 and Biology, now he’s doing Chemistry and Geometry.  Other classes are more vague as to a specific grade level.

Chocolate Taffy really is just about done with 10th grade, although I tell him he’s in 9th.  He’s been doing all the same stuff as his brother, he’s just a couple weeks behind him. 


Both of them will be taking the PLAN test on Saturday.  I’m not sure what PLAN stands for, but it’s one of the tests accepted by the Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) in MN.  I let Chocolate Taffy decide if he felt he was ready to do this, he’s a little young, but he’s motivated and has some pretty lofty education goals, so this will help meet those goals sooner.  Whether or not they can participate in this PSEO depends on how they do on the test.  Talk about pressure!


PSEO is a program sponsored by the state that allows high school students to earn high school and college credit at the same time—for free.  The only reason I’m pursuing this is because I found a co-op that hosts the classes through a local Private College.  It can’t by definition be a Christian college education, you know how that goes, but they will be around other homeschooled believers and they will be together which makes me even happier!  But if they can graduate from high school having two years of college done, I’ll be pretty satisfied!  Chocolate Taffy is going to go into Engineering with a goal of working at or for NASA.  Banana Taffy wants to get a business degree…he keeps changing his mind about what he wants to do, and a business degree is pretty basic and flexible.

Since Banana Taffy is turning 16 before the end of the school year, I’m still unsure if he has to take the Standardized test and whether or not I have to send in report cards for him.  The legal ages required for testing and report cards are 7-16.  I’m hoping to get the answers to my questions come April.

Middle School

Strawberry Taffy is moving right along as well.  She’s moved on to 9th grade science with her final grade being a strong B.  We are both very happy with that since she doesn’t really like science—she’s a writer by passion.  She’s quickly approaching the end of her Pre-Algebra book as well.  She’s considering Midwifery as an occupation.  I’m raising her to be a Keeper-at-Home, and learning midwifery can only benefit that station!  To help her explore this option she will coming with me to the delivery.  She was there when Bubble Gum was born, she was a little young though and didn’t appreciate seeing Momma in pain—crying one minute, laughing the next!  We’ve talked about it a lot though and we’ve decided to seize the moment. 

Elementary School

I probably already blog about this enough and I’m not really thinking about it much other than to say how much I’m enjoying homeschooling this younger group.  Not that I didn’t enjoy teaching my older kids when they were younger, I just know a little more now.  I know what  important and avoid things that stress us out or bore us to death! 

003 (3)

Blue-Raspberry LOVES school!  He just wishes I would do MORE with him!  huh?  This will be the first time he will be participating in the required Standardized Test.  Knowing him, he’ll probably think it’s wonderful!  lol

Bubble Gum Taffy is still moving right along with her reading.  She loves school too, but is just as happy to play with Laffy Taffy during school time!

002 (2)            025


004 (3)

I think this will Laffy Taffy’s last year of Tot School.  We will be taking a break from mid-March through the end of April (we’ll be all about baby business then).  My goal is to be done with school, including testing, before Mother's Day.  When we resume school in August, I’ll most likely just do Pre-School with him.  I KNOW I’ll do Tot-School with Salt Water Taffy though, once she’s ready.   See?  I already have her desk set up!

005 (3)

So I think that pretty much gets the thoughts all cleared out of my head.  In April Mr. Taffy and I are going to a homeschool conference, then I’ll be able to get some more questions answered and get the rest of my curriculum for next year.  We’ll probably have more information about PSEO by then too, so I’ll know what to expect.  I’m hoping I can add some of my own stuff to what they will be learning.

Longing for spring…


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I so enjoyed this post. I am loving the trail ya'll are blazing with your friends to have the boys finish congruent classes. Quite a few, maybe all?, of my central oregon high school friends have done this, and a few years ago, it was new territory, and now it is almost standard. I'm so excited for my boys - who still have 3-4 years until it is their turn - that the path will be paved with experienced testimonies before them! I like the free part, and I like the not wasting time part. Keep Blazin'!

  2. You always amaze me on how well planned and organized you are. I absolutely love that gift in you. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Chris xoxo


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