Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Packing Lunches

Do you pack a lunch for your husband each day?  Since the middle of December I’ve upped my commitment to send my husband with GOOD lunches each day.  I have always packed him a lunch, unless of course he doesn’t need one, but I was getting lazy there for a while and letting him fend for himself.  Which sometimes meant he would eat out (expensive and fattening) or he would just NOT eat (I hate it when he doesn’t it!). 

I see this as part of my role as wife and helpmeet, to make sure my husband has something wholesome for lunch each day.  Sometimes it’s a hassle, it’s mostly thankless, but when I keep my eyes on why I do and for whom I’m doing it, it gives me an incredible amount of joy!

Now, my husband doesn’t really like sandwiches, even on my homemade bread, he would prefer something hot for lunch.  Every once in a while I give him a sandwich because that’s all I have, but I try to plan for his lunches therefore giving him what he really prefers to eat.

Primarily his lunches consist of leftovers.  He especially loves it when I send him with leftover soup or casserole.  To prepare for this I bought some of those Ziploc twist top containers and whenever I make soup I set out at least 2 servings in his “to go” containers BEFORE serving dinner.  That assures I have food for at least 2 lunches.  Also, I will pack up left over casserole after I’ve served every one dinner, to make sure my teens don’t eat all the leftovers before I can snatch some for my husband’s lunches.  I always make enough so there’s always enough for seconds and lunches, but sometimes my big boys, and even my 8 year old will go back for 3rds or 4ths! 

I keep stashing these containers away in the freezer, along with individual baggies of rolls or whatever we had with our soup.  When I make cookies, I will take out several baggies worth with 4-6 cookies in each and freeze them as well, so I have a nice dessert to stick in his lunch. 

The funny thing about my husband, he doesn’t really like to eat raw veggies at home, but if I put them in his lunch, he’ll eat them!  So this week I made 4 baggies of peeled and chopped carrots along with raw cauliflower.  I can just grab a baggie and toss it in his lunch.  That way I KNOW he’ll be getting some good raw food too.

My husband doesn’t expect a lunch everyday, he doesn’t even ask for a lunch, but I can’t really take care of him while he’s away at work, so this is one way I show my love to him and thank him for his hard work and financial support.  As far as I’m concerned he deserves a nice lunch in the middle of a long day! 

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go along with this post.  I’ve been meaning to take photos of things, but it’s so busy in the morning and during dinner, it’s hard to remember!

Take good care of your husband!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Thank you for the reminder! I've been flunking in this area. I plan to do better!!!

  2. Yes, thank you for this very important reminder! It's another way to show our love. My husband is currently on 30 days leave of absence as he switches commands, but come March 1st, he will be going to work with a nice filling lunch.

  3. That's nice. And good idea to pack up some of the dinner before it gets accidentally all consumed! That's how it is at my house. If you make it, they will eat it! Unfortunately if I freeze cookies I'm more likely to eat them myself! Now, when I am leaving in the morning, I give my (retired) husband a tour of the fridge: "don't eat this, it's for tonight's dinner, but you can heat up this, and have some of that, and don't forget we have cottage cheese!" "and don't eat your lunch at 3:00!"

  4. Packing lunches for H1 is one of the few things I've done fairly consistently since we've been married. He's not too keen on sandwiches either, unless it's egg salad, so most of his lunches are leftovers too! I send along some type of fruit (frozen, dried, or canned) and sometimes cookies or veggies, depending on what we have. I also make his breakfasts to go, since we don't usually eat that meal together as a family. H3 isn't up early enough for a family breakfast.


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