Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Teaser

Oh the weather in Minnesota can be so…cruel.  We had a thaw…finally all the snow was gone off the roof of our house, finally the neighbors who hadn’t shoveled all winter had clean driveways, finally we could see our deck and our patio, finally the mounds of snow that were causing blind turns EVERYWHERE shrank to a reasonable size.

Then we had a snow storm.  Now it doesn’t look like anything EVER thawed!  It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing.  We actually put away our winter coats for a couple days during that thaw, it was 50 degrees, twice in one week!  I should have known better than to get all excited about spring.

On the bright side, all the dirty snow is hidden by this fresh blanket of white, if it were Christmas Eve this would BE the PERFECT snow fall and it’s not subzero so my children can play outside!





Spring is on it’s way…it’s bound to happen eventually!  Until then, we’ll keep drinking hot chocolate, wearing multiple layers and snuggling by the fire.  I told the children once spring actually gets here, they will be outside ALL DAY LONG!  Smile

Longing for spring,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ah, spring will be wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you today! We can just pretend it is summer with the heat and humidity by the pool...

  2. Guess What...same story just different location! We got dumped on last night and it is still we will join you in drinking lots of hot chocolate, eating more soup, layers, and fireside snuggles....spring is on its way for sure!

  3. Oh, man. It looks like the youngsters had fun though!

  4. Spring is in the air down here. The highs will be in the 80's. Yep....slept with the AC on last night.

    Chris xoxo


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