Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tot School Week 22


We had another low-key week here. I’m winding down school and winding up to the baby’s arrival!


The week started out with plenty of snow to play in! In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s still snowing…Yeah, I’m pretty much done with winter!


On Tuesday we met our friends at the Children’s Museum. They have a new Lego Castle room. Do you see that “jousting stick” that Laffy Taffy has in his hands? He pretty much carried that around for the whole hour we were in that room!

017 010

See what I mean? Sorry about the picture quality, I only had my little tiny camera with me.


Back at home, he has mastered this airplane puzzle and can do lightening fast now!



I’m sitting here trying to remember why I don’t have very many photos from this week…we had Monday and Tuesday off! Laffy Taffy worked on his Kumon books everyday and and even did Latin with us everyday! He got some nice practice with cutting and gluing—though I don’t have proof.

Next week should be more normal and predictable!

Joyfully enjoying my Tot,

Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Fun week! I had issues with photos this week. I only took them on one day.


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