Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tot School~Week 22


We’ve had a fairly low-key week.  Everybody was going through the various stages of a cold, including me.  I did do school with Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry most days, but Laffy Taffy was pretty much tagging along hanging with us.


In these pictures here Laffy Taffy is singing.   I’m reviewing an awesome product called Song School Latin and he’s learning Latin right along with Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry!

004 (2)


I brought his fire station out of his bed room and moved it to the school room, he had a lot of fun playing with this too.

008                 009

Magneatos come out EVERY DAY!!


Animal Train Sort and Match


Doesn’t this picture make him look smart?  They were “playing” chess at the bowling alley during homeschool bowling league.  They look so sincere, but don’t be fooled, they have NO idea what they are doing!  lol

So, you see, a pretty mellow week as far as Tot School goes! 

We are almost running at 100% now, so next week should be much better!  Although…we are taking two days off--just because we can!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Haha! That's how I play chess too! (with the grandchildren).


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