Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Basement Reorganization

Remember back when I posted my homeschool proposal and I mentioned budgeting some money from our tax return to replace the bookshelves in the schoolroom?  Well, the tax return came lightening fast as did our trip to IKEA to get the stuff on my list. 

A funny little side note…I thought IKEA was open until 9, but apparently they are only open until 8 during the winter so when we got there they were already giving the “please make your final selection and check-out NOW” call. YIKES!  Thanks to some good planning and a well-written list and a fast moving husband and daughter, I got everything I needed, including ice cream cones and a trip to the bathroom and was out of there before they turned off the lights!  PHEW!  How much money can you spend with 15 minutes at IKEA?

Here’s what our “library” looked like before:


And here’s what it looks like now:


I replaced the 2 tilting bookshelves with three black ones, which actually hold more books!  You can see that there is a whole empty shelf on the bottom of the middle bookshelf.  I even had the kids bring some books from the overstuffed bookshelves in their rooms down to the school room.  Everything is organized by either topic or type. 


Here’s another view.

You’ll probably remember this side from my other organizational post.  Nothing changed over here other than I’ve designated the tall shelf as my curriculum shelf and I purged a lot of stuff off my Tot School shelves—I’ll be selling some stuff later in the spring at a used curriculum sale.  And I moved all the puzzles to the last two shelves of the big one, previously they were in a trunk and hard to get at.


Also on my proposal was some organizing for the play room.  This project brought such joy to my heart and my big ol’ pregnant body actually built all the furniture, with the enthusiastic help of Blue-Raspberry Taffy.  Of course my big boys carried it down stairs for me, but I had the joy of assembly, and trust me, they were thankful!

Here’s what the playroom looked like before:

schoolroom015_thumb              schoolroom016_thumb

Against the opposite wall of the kitchen were just Totes full of different toys and a little table and chairs.

Here’s what it looks like now:


Any toy that didn’t fit into the new bins was promptly taken to Once Upon a Child and sold!  Or given to charity if it wasn’t worth selling.


Thanks to Guide Craft who gave me this little Fold-Away kitchen to review, I was able to get rid of that BIG kitchen.  This fits so much better!  Review coming soon!008

And this the rest of the stuff…picture books, doll clothes, a few things that are high up and can only be taken down with permission.  Oh, 2 baskets of kitchen accessories too. 

They have played down there so much more now since I’ve reorganized.  Cleaning up is a cinch since EVERYTHING has a spot.  Believe it or not I actually got rid of play mobile, Legos, doll house furniture and more!  Just stuff that wouldn’t fit!  It’s my belief that children play and clean up better when things are orderly and when they know exactly where things go when they are done with them, otherwise they get overwhelmed and either fight with each other or poke around because they can’t figure out how to put things away!


Mrs. Taffy 


  1. Beautiful! Everyone LOVES it when things are nicely organized, don't they? Your play room looks like so much fun!

  2. Wow! That is a wonderful basement! And it looks like it is well used too. :)
    I love seeing the pictures of your three youngest playing. Sooo sweet.

  3. Love it!! Does this mean that "nesting" is in full swing? :)

  4. Anna-Thank you! They pretty much run around in a pack all day long! Their friendships really bless me too.

    Chantelle-I wish! All this nesting happened last month! I actually had a tiny little wave of nesting yesterday when I found myself washing the basement door and the garage door! lol It didn't last long though!

  5. Amazing! I love it! I have to agree with you, only because of our recent situation, that toys, books should be organized as the chidren need it that way...and they do fight with eachother and wander around not getting things put away if it is not organized! Organization is a huge blessing to the family...nice job!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow - only 18 days left to go...whooo-hooo!

  6. So, did the nesting kick in again for you? Everything looks great!


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