Friday, March 4, 2011


Feeling like I need to blog, but not having any real inspiration…so I’m just blogging to say HELLO!  Or Salve as we learned in our Song School Latin. 

I haven’t had loads of energy, waiting patiently for the nesting instinct to kick in again, both to signal eminent labor and to get some energy so I can get my freezer loaded.  I did do some freezer loading last weekend, with the tremendous help of Strawberry Taffy.


We made 2-22 quart batches of Chili.  One to serve at fellowship with some left overs and another specifically for freezing.


This is the handy-dandy way I load the freezer bags.  I let the chili cool off in the garage over night, it was like 2 degrees out there and the stuff never froze, but it did cool off nicely!


Then they are flattened and labeled for the freezer.  We got 6 meals out of the big pot.

I have a big list of other food I want to get in there too.  I was working on freezing hamburger last week and this week I’ll be buying a case of chicken breasts to cut up and bag up for the freezer.  I’m not really feeling the ambition to do it, that’s why I’m waiting for that lovely nesting instinct to kick in, rather I’m focusing on how glad I’ll be to have it in there after the baby arrives! 

We had a little glitch in our delivery plans, but thanks to my amazing husband and his ability to speak to the right person and say the right things, Health Partners is making a contract specifically for us for our delivery at the Birth Center, complete with their promise of payment.  Mr. Taffy took a whole day off of work, without pay, to make it happen.  I really am so thankful!  I met with my previous midwife this week and she was not very happy with me for turning down the Strep B test.  She got pretty cold with me and even a little tiny bit mean…I’m okay with it, just sad that it turned out like that.  I’m praying about whether I should write her a thank you letter, since I’m pretty much just going to disappear from her practice now.  It seems right to let her know what happened, without telling her how she made me feel. 

She did say one thing that I keep thinking about, she was asking me about a Pediatrician for the baby and how the hospital requires one before release.  I didn’t have an answer and she was so surprised, “Don’t you take your other children to the doctor?”  I understand where she’s coming from but it was slightly presumptuous .  Nobody in our family has insurance but me, for one thing.  And, she is assuming that I don’t know how to handle it if my children are sick.  I should have told her how my children were never once sick during our whole bout with unemployment, giving God the glory of course!  Thankfully we’ve never had an emergency that needed immediate attention either and since we haven’t immunized since Blue-Raspberry was born, there hasn’t been a need to go to the doctor for check-ups.  Anyway…knowing that I’m not going to have to worry about all this silliness during and directly after delivery is very freeing!  Thanks for your prayers!

I’ve been doing a lot of praying lately too.  Praying for my husband and our children, for our friends in Washington, for my delivery and the MACHE conference.  Praying that I don’t miss opportunities to teach and train and love on my children, praying that I can be a giver of encouragement instead of being so needy of it, praying that this winter will end …Smile Please?

I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought…sorry about the rambling, it’s fun to look back after a few months go by, and see the different things that were important to me and on my mind. 

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Please, oh pretty please, share your chili recipe? I looked in your recipe section and didn't see it there. Oh, it looks so yummy! We are also longing for spring, and since we're still knee-deep in winter, I'm going to make some chili!

    Blessings on your last month!

  2. I enjoyed this post very much. I am excited about the baby coming, I hope you have the energy to blog about it, after you have had some rest. Praying for a safe, quick, and healthy delivery! :)

  3. Salve!

    I'm glad your husband could get everything worked out for the birth. I'm proud of the fact that I don't have to take my children to the doctor! I do understand the way medical professionals can make you feel! Rest up while you can it sounds like you need it and then the nesting will start again.

  4. Overjoyed that the Lord directs us...even down to the fine detail of where to have a baby...and even down to the detail of who should be there to help...the Lord is watching out for you and your family...he cares about you...and believe me YOU ARE encouraging to others in the Lord and I thank you for that!


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