Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just another update!

Just wanted to tell everybody that I’m still here…holding my baby, just not in my arms yet!  Trying so hard to be patient!

Yesterday as I was getting ready to go see the midwife and as I was saying goodbye to my little people, Laffy Taffy came up to me and shouted at my belly, “Hurry up and come out, you are missing all the fun and Winter Wipe-Out!”  It was so sweet!  Then last night before Banana Taffy went to be, which was about 9 or so, he told his Dad to make sure he woke him up if the baby was going to be born before 11:00 so he could order pizza before they turned the ovens off at midnight?  huh?  Everybody has their own reasons for wanting her to be born! 

Did you see the banner on my blog about the Miracle Maker DVD?  I’m so excited to give one of you a copy!  I want you to get in time for Easter!  I posted the dates up there so you’ll know when to be expecting it!  This is our all-time favorite Easter Movie.  I’m pretty sure you can see it in it’s entirety on YouTube if you want to take a peak ahead of time.

Thanks again for all your prayers!  Anytime now and I’ll have pictures to share!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I keep checking daily to see if there is a new taffy! My family really enjoys your blog. Thanks for sharing all that you do!! Sending many prayers your way!!


  2. Everytime I see your blog come up in my google reader, I pause and wonder if this is it! I know you are more than ready to hold that sweet girl. :)


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