Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kitchen Binders

Since I’m still here…well, you know what I mean, here rather than somewhere giving birth and since we were pretty much home bound yesterday because of an early spring snowstorm (can those words really be used together?) Strawberry and I worked on reorganizing our kitchen binders.

My kitchen binder is just basically a big white binder where I keep all my loose recipes.  I love to print recipes off the internet and rip them out of magazines.  Usually I just put them on the fridge until I’m ready to try them and once I do, if it’s a keeper, I will stick it in my kitchen binder.  I had so many recipes stuck in there that it was getting hard to find the ones I was looking for and I was forgetting about them.


You can probably tell whose is whose. 


The supplies we used for this project included: cardstock, page protectors, tape, scissors, a grocery bag for throwing away recipes and scraps.  That Betty Crocker Book there is one I use the most often and it is falling apart!  So yesterday I decided to be daring and I cut the thing up,  keeping all the my favorite recipes and transferring them to my binder.  This was my very first cookbook that I bought at the Half Price Bookstore when Mr. Taffy and I were first married.


Here’s the inside of my binder.  You can see all those lose recipes in the front pocket there.


The different categories in my binder:  Bread, Main Dishes, Sour Dough, Soups & Stews, Desserts, Misc, and Appliance Manuals.

The misc. section has recipes that are hard to put into another category, like Cranberry Chutney and homemade play dough.  I like to keep my appliance manuals in the binder too, so if I’m having a problem or need to replace a part I know just where to go look.


We spent a couple hours working on this.  It was such a satisfying project! 

Strawberry's binder is full of recipes that she’s dreaming about making some day.  She’s mainly drawn toward desserts at this point, but she was happy to report that she has three pages worth of main dishes now too!

One of the great things about doing this is that now I am inspired to try some new recipes and was reminded of old favorites that I forgot about!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I am always encouraged and motivated to hear about your cooking projects! We got brave and baked bread a few times this week and we haven't ruined any yet!

    I was praying that you were not needing to be on your way to have the baby in bad/icy roads yesterday! We will keep praying...

  2. I am impressed! You are so organized! I too have a recipe big time need of organizing....thought I was doing good just having a binder! :)

  3. That looks like a great project on a snowy day! I have a photo album that holds 4x6 pictures, but I slide in the recipes I have cut out of magazines, newspapers, and from the internet. Every once in a while I go through and remove some stuff (why did I think I'd ever make that?). I think its my version of sticking them on the fridge.

  4. Love the idea...I have way to many loose recipes...I even have ones from years ago when my dear friend brought me stew and pie to the hospital as we were so sick!!!!!!!! Suppose that would go under the "taffy treats" section eh?
    Well, I'll check tomorrow to see if you are giving birth...whoo-hooo!!!!


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