Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little Irish Immersion

My sweet Strawberry Taffy has a funny little obsession with all things Irish.  I can’t really remember when this all started, how it started, or why it started.  I don’t mind it though, it is somewhat part of her heritage, she has plenty of Irish in her from my side of the family.  And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day she wanted to bless her family with an Irish dinner.  She did this last year as well and I must say this year was much tastier!

On the menu:

  • Caraway Beef Roast
  • Colcannon Potatoes
  • Cloverleaf Rolls
  • Grasshopper Pie

She started preparing things on Tuesday, we ate this on Wednesday night because her older brothers didn’t have to work, so we were all together for dinner.

005                      006


And then she prepped the roast early Wednesday morning.


Making the bacon for the potatoes.

001                      004


The finished meal, with some brussel sprouts that weren’t on the menu but I requested them for her daddy, and for a little green on the plate, there’s that green word again!  We had some lovely Irish instrumental music playing in the background and green candles on the table.

She did such a great job!  The food was yummy, we hardly had any left over and everyone left the table feeling loved!

Good Job Strawberry Taffy and thanks for the great dinner!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a blessing she is!!!
    Love her green outfit.......she is beautiful!!!

  2. What a sweet daughter! She is doing well to be able to cook all of those different things at her age!

  3. I can almost smell dinner! Way to go Strawberry.

    I am excited to see pics of "new" taffy. I will be praying for you and baby.



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