Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #2


High School~

Banana Taffy had his second behind the wheel this week. Only one more to go and he can get his driver’s license. He’ll have to wait until April 18 to do that last behind the wheel and then he can take the test at the DMV. We are all pretty excited for him!

Also, Banana Taffy had a great opportunity this week to argue some theology with another teen. I guess arguing isn’t the best word to describe what was going on, but it made so happy to hear that my son actually knows the truth, even when a peer is trying to confuse him or convince him otherwise. God really opened the door to have some great conversation about some pretty important issues.

I’ve had both the high-schoolers focusing on reading James this week, so much great advice about dealing with life and difficult situations.

Chocolate Taffy has been working away on his animation. Here’s a great shot of the Lego guy he created with his Light Wave program.

026 (2)

He also had another significant thing happen…



He’s had the same hair-do since his hair started growing in…but lately, and maybe it’s because of the all supplements I’ve been giving him, his hair has been growing SO FAST! Frankly, I can’t keep up with it! So we tried something new. I think he looks pretty good! Oh the freedom—for both of us!

Middle School~

Strawberry Taffy had a great week. She’s been so productive and busy! She started out the week accompanying me to my midwife appointment. She got to learn about how to read the iron content of my blood with some archaic equipment. I’m happy to report my iron is back where it should be!

She’s also started a making some new items for her Eager Hand’s Etsy shop.

001 (2)

Aren’t these adorable? These are newborn hats that I “special ordered” from her. She’s selling something similar in her shop for $5.00 each. I can’t wait to see one on our baby!

She also prepared a wonderful Irish-themed dinner for her family this week. You can read more about that here.


2nd Grade~


I discovered that Blue-Raspberry wasn’t actually reading one of his assigned books. He has two books that I have him read a chapter in each day, he was reading the 2nd Grade Bible Nurture book, but skimming his 2nd grade Pathway Reader. So I had him read to me…out loud. Of course he’s doing just fine reading it, I think this was just a lazy thing.

020 (2)

Here my younger three discipuli are singing and dancing to their Latin songs and chants. This weeks words were: murus-wall, casa-house, porta-door, fenestra-window.

003 (2)

We also enjoyed watching some lovely Latin videos. Remember, my review on Song School Latin is coming soon. I totally LOVE it though!

004 (2)

This week Blue-Raspberry inherited Chocolate Taffy’s marble roller coaster thingy. He’s have a great time figuring this out! The directions in this set are terrible, so all the learning is happening through cause and effect!



This week Bubble Gum Taffy finished this book and started this book:


Obviously she’s pretty pleased with herself!

We did have a little attitude this week though. Somebody was mad about learning to count by 5’s. Wanna see how mad?


I’m happy to report though that once her attitude was adjusted and we tried a different approach-tossing a bean bag back and forth to each other-she learned how to count by 5’s and is very good at it!

024 (2)

So studious working through her Explode the Code book 2.

Tot School~

Working through his Latin word for house. Just so you understand, I do not make him do this, he makes ME do it!





Laffy Taffy has been totally into his Duplo Legos this week too, I just never got a picture of him building and playing with them.

Sadly, nobody has been anywhere this week. I haven’t wanted to leave the house, I don’t know why, but I think it has something to do with not wanting to go into labor anywhere but here! If she’s not born over the weekend, I’m taking the little people all kinds of places next week, I think I’ll go bonkers with anticipation otherwise!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a great week! I like your son's new haircut. Your daughter having the fit over counting by 5s reminds me of my daughter (except it was counting by 2s). Kids are such a joy! Congrats on the new baby!

  2. Oh, that was a nice peek into your school! I think Chocolate Taffy looks a little like Uncle W with his hair short, what do you think? Very handsome.

  3. Fun week! Nice haircut! Those baby hats are adorable! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  4. Wow oh wow! Chocolate looks so much older and so handsome! We were all so surprized - amazing! Love the update - you are doing a wonderful job! Have a GREAT and EXCITING weekend...teee-heee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds and looks like an awesome week for you all! Chocolate's hair looks great. Tell him he looks much older and quite a handsome fella. :)

    I use those same pathway books for my little ones. I do sit with them while they read to me. I want to make sure they are sounding their words right. You know? I think I launched Justin and Moriah to soon because even STILL they have a few problems sounding some of the bigs words. Actually so do I...ha ha!!

    I am sure you are not wanting to go out much knowing little girl will be here in no time. I can't wait to see a pic of her. Strawberry must be so happy that she will be there for the delivery (am I right? Tsavah told me this. I 'm sure you probably typed in in one of the post that I didn't get to read). Oh and Strawberry's hat are so adorable. She does such a great job knitting. You know...Tsavah want's to open her own Etsy account now. I told her she needs to make something first and become good at it before we setting the account up.

    Get plenty of rest but also do lots of walking. (stroll the mall) :)

    Ok....sending much love your way.

    Chris xoxo

  6. I hard pressed to pick what I like best...another driver to help with errands, someone who could knit me a scarf, or the baby doing latin. Awesome week!!!

  7. What a great week you had! Your little Taffy will be making her appearance soon too, how exciting! My kids and I LOVE the Latin program too! We are doing the Latin Primer A and it is so much fun. Can't wait to read your Song School review, I think I may purchase it for my Kindergarten for next year. Have a great weekend!

  8. What a full week! I loved it all. I can't wait to see the Song school review as I was thinking of getting it for our kiddos. So glad to have found you from Weekly Wrap Up!


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