Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap up #3


High School~

I got the results back from the boys ACT/PLAN test this week.  Very, very interesting.  I just love the uniqueness of my children, and how sometimes they surprise me and sometimes they don’t.  I don’t want to be too specific in what kind of score they got because they are at a “tender” age and I wouldn’t want them to get a complex!  ha!  But I can say with confidence that one of my boys is GREAT at taking tests like this, and the other one…isn’t.  Oh the pressure of a timer!  Smile  Still, I learned some very interesting things about each of my high schoolers and I’m excited to help them along with their high school and college goals.  I’m not exactly sure what the PSEO requirements are, so I don’t whether or not they qualify, but seeing the results has queued me in to a few areas that are lacking and has prompted me to set some new goals for next year.  For example:

  • I am going to find a speech class for them to participate in, even Strawberry, she’ll be mortified, but it will be good for her. 
  • We will focus on vocabulary and punctuation-STRONGLY!
  • I need to keep giving them opportunities to stretch their brain capacity and prove to them they can learn things they don’t believe they can learn.
  • I’m going to set an internet timer on their PC’s to discourage “vegging” out (I’m pretty sure the Bible calls that idleness) and encourage more time in a book or on a project.  I have the capability to do this, I was testing them to see if they could handle the freedom, like the rest of the world (me included) they can’t.

That’s probably good enough for now.  I’m sure the Lord will clue me in on more as time goes one.  So important to the success of homeschooling is praying for guidance and listening for answers!


Banana Taffy quit his part time job this week.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s taken a stand, seen some things he hasn’t liked and decided to remove himself from the environment.  I’m so glad that he has the discernment to know it’s time to move on.  I’m encouraging him to take the summer off, it may be the last truly free summer he has.  Before we know it he’ll be responsible to for bills and a family and all the other great stuff required to be an adult. 

Chocolate Taffy finished is Apologia Biology Book-TODAY!  He aced his last test with 100%  That kid has a photographic memory I think! 

I want him to quit his job too…but he’s not dealing with the same issues, he’s stubborn like me and doesn’t get sucked in to the drama of other people, he just minds his business and does his work.  Still, I’m hoping that once he’s there alone he won’t want to be there any more.  Otherwise I just might make him quit, cause I’m mean like that!  lol

I signed up Chocolate Taffy for Driver’s Ed this week.  The great thing about having a part time job is that he can pay for it.  The class isn’t until June, but I didn’t want to lose track of it and I wanted him to have the summer and fall to practice. 

Middle School~

Strawberry Taffy has had the week off.  Remember me saying she would be my junior homemaker for a while?  Well, this week started out with a great health class as she accompanied me to my midwife appointment.  She and I sat in on a class called Handling Complications.  It was very interesting and somewhat yucky, I’m so glad she came with me, it was much more interesting through her eyes!  Because of the class we had all kinds of opportunities to talk about pregnancy issues and female body issues that would have otherwise been overlooked.  I’m so thankful to have a relationship with my daughter that includes talking about uncomfortable subjects.  It’s not always easy and often makes both of us uncomfortable, but we always feel closer afterward and I never want her to be afraid to talk to me about ANYTHING!  The only way I can prove that to her is by talking her about awkward subjects and by listening to her when she wants to bring up something like that!  007

On the homemakey front…she made about 8 dozen carrot chocolate chip cookies this week, she even froze 1/2 of them for after the baby is born.  She worked on her kitchen binder, you can read about that here.  She shopped Goodwill and found a pair of shoes and a pair of capris, she doesn’t really enjoy the hunt of shopping in thrift stores, I’m always trying to teach about color and fabric and what goes together and what doesn’t.  And, she came to the Children’s Museum with us and was the best helper a mom could EVER want!

Since the rest haven’t done school this week either, I’ll just share a few highlights of the week.

Blue-Raspberry Taffy got a beginner guitar this week.  He has shown an interest in his dad’s guitar and when I was at Goodwill yesterday I found this little beauty for $7.50.  He’s one happy boy!


This picture was strategically taken to hide the holes in his knees!

He also had a great time building at the Children’s Museum's Lego Castle Room.


Bubble Gum Taffy didn’t have anything super special going on this week.  She did have fun at the CM though.



Laffy Taffy is going through Tot School withdrawals…He’s been a little bored and cranky this week.  I had planned all kinds of fun stuff but the weather ruined my plans.  The CM was probably the highlight for him as well, he pretty much ran the entire time, often in circles!



We are all in a slight state of limbo as we eagerly await the arrival of Salt Water Taffy.  Each one of the children already love her so much and they are so excited to “see” her.  I think they are also looking forward to Momma being a little more…hmmm…what’s the word…agile?  Energetic?  Soon enough!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Junior Toastmasters is what you want! W took it three times, and then joined adult Toastmasters later. We found someone in Toastmasters willing to do a special homeschool class. I think all they had to pay for was the booklets that they use. Great experience. AND - I was stunned at Blue-Raspberry's haircut! You didn't show us that one! I thought there was a new kid at your house! cute!

  2. LOVE their Taffy names! Very cute!


  3. It is wonderful to come to a blog that also has older kids in high school. We did a speech class 2 years ago and while it was agony for our dd, she did very well and it was a great experience.
    Happy weekly wrap-up!

  4. @ Mom-He's lost both front teeth now too...hardly anybody recognizes him! lol Mike wants me to grow his hair back out! :o)

    @Lizzie- Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

  5. You've had a great week! I love how you are tackling those awkward talks with your daughter.

    I don't know if you're a member of a homeschool group/co-op or not, but that's a great place to have a speech class for homeschoolers. Our group usually offers some at various times for all different age groups. My daughter even got to try out speech for the first time last year in 1st grade. It was really good for her!

  6. I love to find blogs that talk about homeschooling with older kids. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Looks like a super week. :) And Strawberry looks like such a blessing helping with everything!
    That is great that Blue-Raspberry has taken an interest in is an amazing instrument and I find soooo much enjoyment in playing it..GREAT find with the guitar! He looks adorable with it.
    What a blessing that you and Strawberry can talk like that. I am always so grateful that mom is willing to talk to me. It is amazing the talks that bring a mother and daughter closer! :)
    Those cookies sound really good...I may have to email and get the recipe for those!
    Christ be with you!

  8. We *love* our children's museum too! Looks like your kids had a great time. Good luck with the birth; how exciting!


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