Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up~1

I’m a little late joining this meme since we are almost done with our 2010/2011 homeschool year.  But I’ve been wanting to document and share a little more about what we do on a weekly basis in our homeschool so I figure a couple weeks is better than nothing! 

High school-

Two weeks ago my sons took that PLAN test which is put out by ACT.  We should be getting the results of that test soon, then we’ll be able to decide if PSEO is an option for them.  Another aspect of the test they took was a career assessment, I’m especially excited to see if my intuitions as to what they would be good at line up with their results.

Banana Taffy is officially in 11th Grade now.  He’s zoomed through 10th grade with terrific grades, making this is best GPA to date!  We are so proud of him.  He’s well into his Apologia Chemistry book and memorizing theories in Geometry.  I’m so glad I’m not taking Geometry…my worst math class EVER! 

Chocolate Taffy is finishing his Apologia Biology Book soon, with in the month I believe and has also started Geometry.  As soon as he’s moves onto Chemistry, he’ll basically be in 11th grade as well.  Let this be a testimony to you.  Chocolate Taffy struggled so much with subtraction when he was 2nd or 3rd grade.  We put away all math books for a good 6 months.  After that little break, he zoomed through and caught up to his older brother!  So don’t stress out if your young ones don’t get something, it’s just a matter of time and patience before they will, and when they “get” it, they will be ready to blast off!

Junior High

Strawberry Taffy is finishing her Pre Algebra book this month.  By the end of next week she’ll be done with 8th grade.  Then she’ll be junior homemaker extraordinaire as she helps me run the household while I prepare for and have a baby.  She’s also due to get a life lesson in Biology as she watches and assists in my delivery.  This will likely be her last chance to be involved in one my births, what a special memory we are going have!

Strawberry has also been making these adorable headbands for her little sister and her Etsy shop.  She sells them for $3.00 plus shipping, you can get to her shop here.


2nd Grade-Ready for some pictures?


This is newer thing that I’ve been doing with Blue-Raspberry.  I bought this pocket chart at the dollar store and wasn’t sure how to implement in our homeschool.  I’ve figured it out finally.  Every few days I’ve been changing out these math flash cards that came with his 2nd Grade Saxon Math book.  I take little laminated numbers that I got from this site and put them in a little cup.  Whenever we have a break in our work and he needs something to do, I’ll have him work out these problems.


On the bottom half of the pocket chart I put Latin cards, that I have made, to use as review for our Latin words-English on one side, Latin on the other.


We’ve also been doing some SUPER SIMPLE St. Patrick’s Day crafts.  I’m not kidding when I say super simple, I don’t really enjoy doing crafts with my children, so they have to be really, really easy.  They sure enjoyed it though!


These crafts came from this site.


And finally, a picture of a the space station that Blue-Raspberry built to enter into a Lego contest.




She’s almost done with the 2nd book in the 1st Grade Pathway Readers series. I’ve discovered that if I don’t feed her protein for breakfast, she can’t read.  She is so hungry by 9:00 that she isn’t able to concentrate or sit still and it all has to do with what she ate for breakfast!  She needs her eggs in the morning!

008 (2)

We’ve been reviewing a Geography book from Timberdoodle, so Geography has become part of our morning lessons, she LOVES it!  She’s working through a page of “left and right” here.

Tot School-

You know I do a whole post on this, but I took so many pictures this week that I have to separate them! 

019 - Copy

Here’s his shamrock representing 3 in 1-God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  I did the cutting for him, but he did the coloring and the gluing!

008 (2)

For this activity I basically wrote out the names of the Trinity and gave him the foam letter stickers to match up.  He matched the letters perfectly and got lots of small motor skill practice too.


The final fantastic thing of this week is the Guide Craft Hide-Away  Country Kitchen that we are reviewing.  They are having a blast with it!

To see what other homeschoolers did this week visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Lots of fun and variety in your school -wonderful!

  2. stuff! :) I am enjoying it. Looks like everyone is doing great in school there! It is exciting to learn new things and such a blessing that we can do them with Christ being the center.
    When I was little my sister, Emily, and I played with a little kitchen...and we lived around it sometimes! :) We still have it and it is so neat to watch my little sisters play with it. Those are some of the best toys!!!
    Praying for you as the due date draws near.
    Christ be with you,

  3. That lego space station is awesome. I showed it to my own lego guy and watched the wheels turn. And the foam stickers inspire me to get out my letter cookie cutters: phonics are more fun when you can eat them!

    I've gotta look into this whole reviewing thing: I'd love to review some of the stuff I see!

    Looks like a wonderful week. You're a lucky lady. =]

  4. I enjoy reading about "older" students as my son heads into middle school. (He's 8 weeks away from being a 7th grader.)


  5. Looks like a great week! I like your pocket chart~I just might check out our $ store for one of those. Could be useful for all sorts of things! Those headbands are adorable, too:)

  6. That lego creation is amazing and I LOVE those headbands!

  7. Great week! I love the headbands and the space station.

    I'm glad you bought a touch of spring for your kitchen! We do use the pansies in salads once in awhile. I also throw them in a pitcher of water with some herbs to add flavor and color.


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