Saturday, April 2, 2011

For my husband and mother-in-law.

I have multiple ways I could go with this post…the different ideas are just swimming around in my head, competing for attention. 

Today marks two significant days in our Life on a Taffy Pull.  First, today was the day my husband was born, 38 years ago.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for the life he was given, how God orchestrated our paths so that we could eventually meet up and marry.  We were born on completely opposite sides of the country, he in Washington State, me near Washington D.C. in Maryland.  Somehow God made our paths cross in the middle and we met in Minnesota, a day I will never forget!

The other significant event that happened on this  day is that my Mother-in-Law lost her fight with cancer and went on to Glory, 6 years ago today.  What a sad thing to correlate with a birthday…unless you look at them both like birthday’s: one birthed into life on earth, another birthed into Eternity.  Still, I miss her.  Our relationship had a bumpy start, I had to prove to her my devotion and love to both her and her son.  But in the end I believe that she knew how much I loved them both and how thankful I was for her and the gift of life she gave her son.

I don’t have many digital pictures of her, she didn’t really appreciate getting her picture taken, though she LOVED to take pictures.  Here are a couple pictures from her funeral service.



I was looking through my archived photos to find pictures of my husband.  Looking at so many pictures at once has given me such a GREAT appreciation for him.  He LOVES us SO MUCH!


Always the fun dad!  Loving to play with the children and make them smile!  Always wanting to create memories!


snow day 004Vacation2007 025

Vacation2007 068

4th of July 030

she brings her food from afar 012

Always indulging my addiction to Gymboree!

no idea 004

Always teaching the important things to our little ones…like how to shoot a nerf gun!

Balancing the Sword 010

And how to read and understand the Word.

Cousins over 052

Driving me all over the place, many times to different states…

Ohio 012

…always making sure that we have good things to eat!

nyc 026

Taking us places we didn’t even know we wanted to visit!

Washington D.C 036


Looking after loved ones and putting their needs before his own.


Encouraging us and cheering us on when we meet our goals!

Mr. Taffy~Happy, Happy Birthday!  I know you don’t want a bunch of presents or special treatment today, but hopefully this post will make you feel loved and appreciated!  You are the PERFECT husband for me, the PERFECT father to your children.  I love you so much and I am so thankful that you were born!

With all my heart,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh,that is so sweet! He really is a great Uncle and Dad! Happy Birthday Uncle Taffy!


  2. I just re-read this...such a nice post! You are a blessed woman...and he is a blessed man...the perfect couple raising children who are after the Lord's heart...wonderful!


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