Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Baby-Moon

Kind of a weird name…but people keep telling me to enjoy my “baby-moon” so that’s what I’m doing! 

Adrielle Day 2 003

Day 2

002             004

Day 3


Day 4

006           007

Day 5

I haven’t taken a picture today, but my mom has!  We picked her up from the airport yesterday.  I’ve been taking advantage of her being here by resting as much as possible.  I think I’m pretty well recovered from her delivery, but this Flu has really knocked me on my butt! 

Salt Water Taffy is such a great nurser!  This is the best part of having a baby, in my opinion-Nursing!  I became addicted to those happy hormones after my last baby and I’m so happy to be indulging my addiction once again!  Smile  A funny thought…I’ll probably be nursing her beyond my 40th birthday.  I never imagined myself nursing a baby at age 40, but I’ll take it!  (I’ll be turning 39 this summer.)

She’s finally started sleeping for longer amounts of time, so I’ve been able to sleep a little bit longer too.  I try not to watch the clock, with nursing or sleeping, it would just stress me out.  I just go with the flow and completely rely on God for my sustenance!   He is MORE than enough!

This weekend Mr. Taffy and I are going to our homeschool conference up in Duluth, Minnesota.  I’ve never been there and I’m really looking forward to visiting a new place and to getting away with my husband.  Next month is our 18 year wedding anniversary, so we are taking this time to celebrate that as well.  He hasn’t had much time to bond with his little princess, he’s been so sick too.  The weekend will be full of lots of cuddling for him and her both.

Salt Water will be a week old tonight…it’s already going by so fast.  I’m trying savor every moment, lingering in the quiet cuddling and memorizing every detail, I am well aware of how quickly this time is going to go by and how quickly she’ll be another busy child running around my house.  Baby’s offer such perspective on what’s important.  I am so thankful…so in love…


Mrs. Taffy

P.S.  Laffy Taffy has taken to calling his little sister “Chubby Cheeks.”  He probably repeats it 100 times a day, “Chubby Cheeks!  Chubby-Chubby Cheeks!”


  1. Congrats!! She is beautiful!! Hope you all feel better soon over there...we have been sick for weeks it seems (no fun!) Have a fun wknd away :)

  2. Sweet! Thanks for sharing pictures of your precious little one!

  3. She is adorable!! Thanks for sharing photos!


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