Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Baby Story

On Monday (the 4th) I had my regularly scheduled appointment with the midwife.  I had her check me to see if I was making any progress with my evening prelabor sessions that I was having fairly regularly.  She confirmed that I was making progress, I was dilated to 3, but could be stretched to a 4. Baby’s head was engaged and at a –1 station and I was about 70% effaced.  I was so happy about this and gladly let her swipe my membranes to see if we could get labor going.  I thought I would be in labor within 24 hours.  I was getting pretty discouraged when I found myself still pregnant by Wednesday morning!  Still, I knew I was making progress and guessed myself to be dilated to 5 by then.

Wednesday started out pretty boring.  Pretty emotional too as I announced to my family that I was going be grumpy, so watch out!  Another thing worth mentioning is that my little people were all pretty sick.  Bubble Gum had been in bed for a couple days with tummy trouble, Laffy and Blue-Raspberry had been coughing with sore throats and aches.

The excitement started on Wednesday evening as we were dealing with some drama from different places.  One being Bubble Gum, who was looking so sickly and throwing up and losing weight, we were praying over her and trying to make her more comfortable when I had the the first BIG contraction.  I thought to myself, okay, that was a good one, many more like that and we are going to have to leave!  So Mr. Taffy and I got settled into bed with a movie to watch and started smell something terrible, it smelled like some one had let off fireworks in our house.  We thought his lap top was melting.  Upon investigation we found that whole main floor was filled with smoke and that smell, but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and what to do about it.  I had a couple more BIG contractions during this time and decided to start timing them.  18…13…9…7…uh-oh!  This is how my labors progress, once they start, they don’t waste time.  I declared to Mr. Taffy that we needed to GO!

We still had the smoke issue and the Bubble Gum issue on our minds and had to decide quickly what to do.  We woke up Banana and Strawberry, gave them some directions and left the house.  We arrived at the birth center at 11:20 pm.


This is a picture of the lobby…I took it from their website.


This is the room I gave birth in, it’s called the “red room.”

When we arrived at the Birth Center the midwife and her assistant were there, they had my room all set up.  I’m not sure they believed I was in labor, my contractions weren’t very long and I was still pretty happy when we arrived there.  But she checked me and I was dilated to 7!  Whoop!

So Mr. Taffy and I walked around and around the center, stopping every so often to breathe through a contraction.  It was nice and quiet and dark, they pretty much just let us be, every so often checking on me and listening to the baby to make sure she was handling labor okay.

About 12:45 I was ready to lay down.  Contractions still weren’t that close together but they were getting pretty intense and starting to feel a little pushy so I knew I was getting close! 

This was probably my most intense labor, I can usually push a baby out in two pushes, but this time it took quite a bit longer (like 6 or 8 pushes) and I was having feelings of, “why oh why did I put myself in this position again?!”  Turns out I had some kind of amazing water bag, so amazing that once it finally popped, it shot out of me like a torpedo, soaking the midwife’s assistant.  I had my face buried in a pillow but I still managed to ask what happened?  I’m sure, had I actually seen it, I would have been cracking up!

After that explosion, pushing became much more productive but I had to slow down a little because the cord was wrapped around her neck and there wasn’t enough slack to loop it over.  She was delivered through her cord…Mr. Taffy explained it to me afterward and that helped me understand the strange feeling of her delivery, it didn’t feel the same as the other ones.  She was born at 1:20 a.m. on April 7th.  I am so glad to be done!


She was ready to nurse almost immediately after birth!  She latched on and pretty much stayed attached until we left 4 hours later!

I did get a nice soak in a tub full of herbal water, what a delight that was!




My midwife Catherine.

Do you remember me complaining about the hospital practices and Pitocin and the risk of post delivery hemorrhaging?  Well, I’m happy to report that I astounded the midwife with my lack of bleeding!  I don’t want to get too graphic since I know people have different tolerances for that kind of information, but Pitocin would have been totally uncalled for and unneeded, just like I thought.  Sometimes it’s nice to be right.  Smile

We were home by 6 a.m. just as my little people were getting up.  They were so excited to see their new baby sister.  I have yet to get any pictures of them holding her since they’ve all been so sick.  But I do have one…

Adrielle Day 2 001

Strawberry Taffy had every intention of coming with us to the delivery, but when Bubble Gum was so sick, she just didn’t have the heart to leave her and instead stayed home and dutifully cared for her all night long! 

Adrielle Day 2 003

I’m going to share her real name, just this once…I might remove it eventually but I’ll share for now, because I would want to know!

We named our sweet daughter Adrielle Judith.  Judith is after my mom…her name means, “Praising Jehovah’s Perfection.”  Our seventh baby, born on the seventh of April!

My heart is full of thankfulness and joy!  She’s been nursing constantly, my milk came in yesterday!  She’s pooped out all her meconium and has moved on to the lovely golden pooh of breast milk.  God is so good and I am overwhelmed with His love!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow. What a eventful evening leading up to the big event! Did you guys ever figure out what the smoke/smell was about? How scary! Glad you got to have the birth you wanted (and not have to have the stuff you didn't!). Love the name Judith!!! Congratulations on a beautiful daughter!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. You made me cry at the end! Scary the part about the cord around her neck. Relief that all is well. I loved seeing the pictures of the birthing center and of you and baby. sigh. Mom

  3. She is simply precious! Enjoy her and praying everyone else gets well quickly.

  4. Congratulations! i am glad things went well, except for the LONG labor. I know your family is so blessed to have the baby.

  5. She is sweet! Congratulations Blanchard and hugs from the Griffins!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! God is wonderful and has blessed you abundantly!!!
    What a beautiful name!! She is gorgeous!! I thank God that everything went so smoothly!!

  7. OH how WONDERFUL!!!! Nothing quite like a great birth story!!!! Never tire of hearing them :)
    That room you delivered in looks lovely!!!! Hmmm...I might try a birthing center next time!
    I'm not quite sure why dr.s think the more we have the more we'll bleed, but sooooooooo thankful the LORD worked all this out for you and NO pitocin!!! Horrible stuff~ and so unneeded most of the time!
    GOD BLESS!!!

  8. Congratulations!! What an amazing story. I love the pic of your sweet darling at the end of the post. That's just too precious!!

  9. Congratulations, Mrs. Taffy! She's adorable and the birthing center looks divine. I love birth stories, and have to say that my favorite birth was my homebirth.

    Enjoy your babymoon with her.

  10. Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing your birth story, I love birth stories. I just love the little picture of her on the left under the other children.


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