Monday, April 18, 2011

A weekend away

This past weekend, Mr. Taffy and I went up to Duluth, Minnesota for our statewide homeschool conference.  We had such a great time!  Our favorite speakers were Todd Wilson and Carol Barnier.  We did lots of shopping, visited with friends and spent hours of uninterrupted time together—it was WONDERFUL!

We are both still recovering from the flu, but that didn’t keep us from relaxing together and enjoying our newborn.  Here’s some photos of our weekend, keep in mind these are off my mini camera so they aren’t as good as they good be.


This is the view from our room, right on the Lake Superior.  It was cold, but gorgeous!


Salt Water Taffy resting before dinner.


The place we went to for dinner was HIGHLY recommended by many many people, but we had a pretty awful experience there.  Thankfully the manager knew how to make things right and not only did he comp our whole dinner, he gave us gift certificates to try his restaurant again and this amazing dessert with his apologies.  I just wish I could have tasted it…I still can’t taste, smell or hear out of one ear…maybe tomorrow!


Me…messing around in the car while I waited for Mr. Taffy who was buying us another bag of cough drops!


This is what Lake Superior looked like on Sunday morning.  See the snow?  It was sunny and snowing at the same time!


After we checked out on Sunday morning we went for a drive further north and found this adorable tug boat.  It was such a pretty drive, such a nice day.  We had brunch then headed back to the real world.  We definitely want to take the whole family back to Duluth!



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