Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Happenings

It’s finally getting nice enough to do some real yard work.  This morning the kids and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and got busy.

The first thing that Banana and Chocolate did was give the backyard a good raking.


There was a lot of thatch and leaves back there still.  With this good raking and the spring rains this grass should fill out in no time.  Blue-Raspberry helped by picking up rocks and trash.

I gave Banana the job of tilling my planter boxes.  This young man is a powerhouse of energy and strength!  He had all the boxes done in less than 20 minutes!



Which leads me to share this project, we haven’t started it yet, but we bought the supplies on Mother’s Day.  See my lovely cedar picket panels?  This is one of the projects that we saved some of our tax return for.  My vision includes these fence panels surrounding the garden with an arbor entrance and marigolds planted all along the perimeter-to scare off bunny’s!  I think it will be lovely once it’s done.  In the top picture you’ll see our bee hive…the reason I want this fence is to keep the kids (especially guests) from running between the boxes and from possibly aggravating our bees.  If we still had that gnarly dog, it would be to keep her out of it too.  The Cedar panels smell so good!


Chocolate and Strawberry had the job of clearing out the herb garden.  We need to replenish the soil here since it’s mostly sand. So they dug out a few inches of old dirt and spread it around the back yard where some erosion is taking place.  Mr. Taffy is going to get us another truck full of garden dirt from the compost site for 4.50 and we’ll till that in and plant our herbs.  There are a few hardy herbs in here that we did not disturb.  And you can see that Strawberry planted a mint plant in that pot there.


I’ve got to reset my stepping stones…above mentioned gnarly dog really wreaked havoc on my herb garden, her favorite potty place.  NASTY!


Herbs for the garden and some marigolds.  Blue-Raspberry bought these for me in my effort to keep rabbits out the garden!  So Sweet!


This area is in desperate need of some grass seed.  But what I really wanted to show you was the ONE THING that I actually did out there today.  Against the fence, to the left of the lilac bush, I planted 5 rhubarb plants!  Banana Taffy tilled that ground for me so planting was really easy.

For Mother’s Day the children spoiled me with plants!  Here’s a photo rundown.


Two Trumpet Vines from Banana Taffy.  A Bleeding Heart from Strawberry.  These are all MN Hardy!


Three hanging baskets!  2 from Mr. Taffy and 1 from Chocolate.


Double Impatience from Bubble Gum, Laffy and Saltwater.  Fuschias from Mr. Taffy.

There’s more I could share, like my rain flattened tulips, but I’ll save that for another post.  Salt Water just woke up, so it’s time to get off here!

Hope you are enjoying your spring!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Cool. You guys did alot today! Happy Late Mothers Day!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! And what a wonderful day it looks like it is up there! Lots of very pretty flowers too. Your children are so great! It's nice to see that winter is indeed ending there! :-)

  3. Wow, your family showered you with flowers. You should have lots of fun making your garden beautiful. I love your plan for the vegetable garden. It will be so pretty!

  4. It all looks so nice! I can see your vision! Remember, the herbs don't mind lame soil, they thrive in it! Very pretty.

  5. Wow, lots of great plans, thanks for sharing! Can I ask, where did the gnarly dog go? Do you still have both cats? I love your cedar panels, they will look so great!

  6. Of course you can ask! :o) We sold the doggy...she was costing us too much money in repairs and replacements, when she chewed the internet cable off the side of the house she basically sealed her fate. She's happy now, living on a farm in Wisconsin. We still have one cat, the other one found a new home. We forget that we aren't animal people, until we have animals. :o)


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