Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Tour


In between tornado sirens and thunder storms, we’ve been making progress in our garden. 


The guys finished building my fence.  Didn’t it turn out cute?  Mr. Taffy is going to make me an arbor at that opening there so I can grow something up and over it, maybe grapes.  I’m going to plant marigolds all around the perimeter.

001                    003

These lovelies planted 5 trays of marigolds for me! 


Planting Potatoes.  This is before all my signs got put it.  So far we have planted:  Red potatoes, tomatoes, acorn squash and butternut squash, red, yellow and purple peppers, onions and peas.  We have yet to plant white potatoes, zucchini, bush beans and pumpkins.  Along the back fence there are the raspberries that we planted for Mr. Taffy last Father’s Day, they are double that size now, this picture was taken a couple days ago.  The raspberries really love the rain.  Oh yeah, and we need to plant more grass too, as shown in that first photo.

We bought 6 bales of straw to lay in between the garden beds once they are all planted.  We’ll also use that straw to lay over the potatoes once they start growing.


This is my new and improved herb garden. This has changed a lot since this photo was taken too.  Everything is growing and I added a couple plants-catnip and rosemary.  There’s lots of seeds planted in that dirt too-basil, thyme, cilantro.  Yum!  It’s going to smell so great, if it all grows!  We need to plant more grass seed around the herb garden too. 

I forgot to take pictures of our little water garden, but it’s starting to fill out and look lovely too.


We’ve had a lot of excitement with the weather here.  No tornados at our house, but torrential rains, hail, thunder, lightening and amazing wall clouds.  Hope things settle down soon so our food can start growing!

Happy gardening!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow that weather looks really crazy! Its warm though, right? Your garden is beautiful. I can just smell your herb garden and see all the wonderful vegetables too. Your fence is really cute! you could also plant beans up your arbor, it takes a while for grapes to start producing (for me at least!). Enjoy!

  2. Oh, your garden looks wonderful! We started ours...can't wait to share it with you.


  3. Your garden looks so clean and tidy. I can't wait to see the arbor and the flowers planted in front of the fence. Raspberries, yum!

    I hope the weather calms down and your garden grows well this year!


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