Friday, May 27, 2011

Read for the Heart~Review


My final review for the 2010/2011 school year is this gem of a book called Read for the Heart, written by a homeschooler-Sarah Clarkson, published by the favored Apologia.

I call this book a gem because it’s filled with so much rare wisdom, it’s been written with so much care by a young lady that loves the Lord and truly loves to read. 

I didn’t grow up homeschooled and frankly going to the library scares me a little bit.  There’s so much garbage in there, you really have to get dirty to find the books that are worth reading.  This book takes the dirty work out of going to the library, she recommends hundreds of good quality literature that is non-offensive to most homeschoolers.


She begins the book explaining how her parents encouraged a love of reading in her own life, and encourages you to do the same with your children.

I especially love how she breaks the books down by categories, so if you are looking  for a specific genre of book, you can go to that section and see her recommendations.  I started out in the picture book section.  I had a few of her recommendations, but several I had never heard of.  So I went on my library website to see what I could find.  You know what?  I found all the books I was looking for!


We’ve had so much fun reading through these books. 

I’m also encouraged because as my children have gotten older, it’s been harder to figure out what to give them to read that stretches their brain a little but also engages them.  Her book is full of suggestions for older children and boys in particular too.  If there is a particular book she has recommended and the author has other books that she has read and approved of, she also includes those titles.  It will take us a good long time to get through all the titles that she recommends.

Every homeschooler should have a book like this on their book shelf, especially if they are little clueless, like me, as to where the hidden jewels of literature are found.

Apologia sells the book for $17.00, you can also find it on Amazon for a little cheaper.

Highly Recommended!

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Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew, I was given a copy of Read for the Heart to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not paid.

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