Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading Street~Review

Reading…ahhh…don’t you just love reading?  Especially when you had your hand in teaching your children how to read and how to love reading!  This review is all about reading.


Introducing Reading Street by Scott Foresman.  These big hardcover, colorful books remind me of something I would have used in public school.  I went to public school and I remember liking the elementary grades, especially reading.

There are 6 units between the two books, each unit covers about 5 sections.  Each section is based on a different kind of literature whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, science, social studies or folk tales. 

The sections start off with introducing high-frequency words that are found in the text and then an introduction to the genre of literature being read.  Following the introduction comes the actual story.  The stories are from real books that you can find at the library.  Blue-Raspberry enjoyed reading the story called Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends.  I was then able to find more books by the same author at our library for Blue-Raspberry to enjoy.


Following the story is a section of questions to ask your child to see if they understood what was read.  Along with the oral questions, there is a small writing assignment.  Each section also includes information about the author of the story read and show cases other books that they have written.

But there’s even more!  Besides all that, there are also a couple pages with writing and grammar assignments.  This could very much be a complete Language Arts curriculum if you use the High-Frequency words as spelling words and the randomly placed poetry as handwriting practice.

I was pleasantly surprised by this “public school” looking textbook.  I haven’t found anything questionable in it either, as far as reading content.

Each book retails for $43.47, in my opinion that’s a pretty expensive book!  You can see all the extras that Reading Street has to offer by visiting this site.

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Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-I was given these books in exchange for my honest opinion and review, I was not paid.

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  1. If I had little ones, I would buy that! Sounds great!


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