Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strawberry Taffy Turns 13!!

It’s official!  I have three “teenagers” in my home!  What’s up with that?  Good thing they are so wonderful, the proof is in the fact that I don’t have any gray hair!  lol

So for Strawberry’s main birthday gift she and I went to a worship concert with Kari Jobe and the Desperation band.  It was fantastic!  Strawberry was touched and blessed and completely thrilled with that gift.

We did give her a few gifts today too though, here’s a picture run down:

002         004

A solid chocolate bunny from Blue-Raspberry.  He bought it the day after Easter and paid for it with his own money!  And a HUGE gummy bear from Chocolate Taffy.  Our Strawberry has a little obsession with all things gummy.  She also got:  a bag of gummy bears, a pack of gummy bunny’s and she put gummy worms on her ice cream…

008          009

Mr. Taffy and I also got her a new MP3 player.  She’s been wanting one forever and wasn’t expecting it.  I also bought her the Desperation Band CD, so she can put that on her MP3, and then I, in turn, can put that CD in my stereo.  We’ll both enjoy that!  ha!

For her birthday meal, she picked breakfast.  We had French toast and strawberries.  Instead of a cake this year, she wanted a Sundae Bar, so that’s what she got.  Wait until you hear the flavors of ice cream she chose:  Mint Chocolate Chip, Orange Sherbet and Cookies and Cream.  She also picked out sour gummy worms and cupcake flavored magic shell.  This girl is adventurous for sure!


012                      013

010    019

Can you tell which one is hers?  The other one is mine.

014                     015

Happy party people!



Strawberry’s birthday landed on Mother’s Day this year, so we had two reasons to celebrate!

I can remember the day so clearly when I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thanked God for knowing my heart’s desire.  She has been such a blessing to me, each day I watch her grow into a young woman that is caring and kind, creative and joyful.  She is becoming my best friend and I often don’t feel I deserve such a sweet daughter. 

Happy Birthday Strawberry!  May this 13th year of your life mark a significant time for you as your grow in grace and become the woman God designed you to be.


Momma Taffy


  1. Happy Birthday Strawberry! :) Those are definitely some interesting ice cream combinations. lol Way to be an original. I must admit that I do love orange sherbet and mint chocolate chip (just not together). :) And Mrs. look FANTASTIC....waaayyyy too young to have 3 teenagers anyway. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Strawberry!!!!! 13 is such a special age. :)
    I pray that God richly blesses this year of her life as she blesses those around her.
    Anna :)

  3. What a fabulous 13th birthday celebration! I love the artsy colors and textures in Strawberry's sundae, but I admit I would rather eat yours! You guys always have the best parties! this is the end of the birthdays until yours isn't it? Happy birthday and Happy Mother's Day!


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