Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few hardy additions


I promised some pictures of our newly planted Artic Kiwi, so here it is.


Did you know that Kiwi is gender specific.  We have 1 male and 2 females here.  You need both to get baby kiwi, interesting huh?


My cucumbers are starting to flower.  This really encourages me since our spring was so crummy and these first few days of summer are unseasonably cool.


Flowers on the raspberries.  I think we are going to get a bumper crop on our raspberries, they seem to really like this cool weather.


The 2 rhubarb plants we got with our Groupon.  There is a little baby rhubarb on the left, it will be a few years before we’ll get to eat off of that, but the garden person said I can take some stalks from these new ones we planted.  Rhubarb Apple Crisp anyone?


Catnip in the herb garden is doing  really well.  See the little stepping stone Mr. Taffy made me a couple years back with left over concrete?  He’s sweet like that.


I know this kind of looks like a weedy mess, but it’s really a whole bunch of baby herbs.  There are some weeds in there too, but also chives and cilantro and parsley and basil.


I keep mentioning the Groupons we bought.  Mr. Taffy bought one and I bought another one.  The deal was $20.00 worth of plants for $9.00.  He had a Groupon bonus so his was free, so we got $40.00 worth of plants for $9.00.  We bought the rhubarb, pumpkins, and tomato plants with his, and these lovely grapes with mine.  Just like the Kiwi, we didn’t know grapes would grow in Minnesota.  They are both hardy up to –30.  We should be good!  We got two different kinds, both are table grapes but one can be used for other things like juice, jam or wine.  We are still looking for a garden trellis for these to climb up.  Right now they are just sitting on our porch.

Speaking of porch, this is my front flower bed.


This is pretty much always in the shade because of all our trees, that’s why the ground is such  mess too.  Most of these flowers were planted last year, but a few are from Mother’s Day.


The Columbine is my favorite, such a complicated yet delicate flower.

I’m linking up with I Can’t Decide, head over to Briana’s blog to take a stroll through some other garden around the country.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Thanks for sharing so many photos! Your cucumbers are about four times the size of mine, good job!

    I'm going to have to check out groupon! You guys got an amazing deal.

    I love the stepping stone your hubby made for you. Very sweet!

  2. Lovely Garden! Where did you get your green thumb? (I love columbines too - you can collect the seeds and plant more and more every year!)


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