Monday, June 20, 2011

Fraction Action and Fraction Cups~Review

As a Guide Craft Mom blogger, June’s review are these great Math Toys: Fraction Action & Fraction Cups



Besides the obvious use, teaching fractions, we also found some other fun things to do with this math toy.


Here, Laffy Taffy, age 3, is tracing the different shapes that make up the Fraction Action board.  The pieces are nice and sturdy made from Eco-friendly rubber wood and stained with low VOC aniline dyes.


The first few time Laffy Taffy played with the Action Board, he had a little trouble with the Hexagon Shapes, but after a few tries he had it down!

The Fraction Cups are ADORABLE.  They just feel nice to hold and they even smell good.  Laffy Taffy played with these a good long time and eventually we pretended to cut the pieces while talking about fractions.

002 (2)


First, cut them in half.


Then, cut them in thirds.


And finally, cut them in fourths.


Now put them all back in.  He enjoyed this activity so much!

Both math toys come with an instruction booklet to give you even more ideas for math play.  Each math game is designed for learning in children ages 2 and up.  Guide Craft sells them for $25.00 each or on Amazon for $21.00.  Guide Craft is graciously giving away a set of Fraction Action Cups and the Fraction Action Board, visit Mama Jenn to enter! 

Thanks Guide Craft for another high quality educational toy!


Disclaimer-As a Guide Craft Mom Blogger I was given these math toys to review, I was not paid.


  1. Never thought to have the boys trace this!!! Great idea. Love the idea to have them cut too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE the tracing idea ~ genius!!


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