Friday, June 24, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures Week 9

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It was drizzly and unusually cool, but we were prepared!  We left the house at 7:30, water bottles and snacks in tow.  First stop?  The bank, as usual.  The past few weeks I’ve gotten a coffee first thing too, but I’ve trying to resist.  Next stop?  Garage sales!!  This was the day for pajamas!


Winter Pajamas for Marshmallow.  .75 each-3 Carter’s and 1 Gymboree


Summer Outfits for Marshmallow.  $1.00 each  I love the 4th of July dress!


Fall pajamas for Marshmallow.  2@.75  Gymboree Onesie-.50 and Carter’s Romper-.50


For Bubblegum:  Winter boots .50 (I know I bought a pair last week as well, these are a little smaller.  I have a tote of snow boots in the garage, they will all get worn eventually and I don’t want to be caught having to pay retail when I really need them.)  2 fall/winter pajamas-$1.00 each, spring/summer pajamas (next year)-.50.  Cat shirt-.50


A big bag of Mega Blocks Magnets.  I don’t know the actual name, they are like Magneatos, but a little bigger and beefier actually.  They work perfectly with the Magneatos though.  $3.00


Some deals of the day:  Pampered chef measuring thingy-.50, Pampered Chef veggie/egg cold thingy-$2.50.  Yankee Candle (NEW!)-.25  Generic smelly candle (NEW)-.25.  Funny scrubby brush-.25.  Tubberware orange peeler-.05


Fancy Nancy Beginner Reader books-.25 each (for gifts)  ABC frig magnets(I had these when Banana and Chocolate were babies)-.50.  Farm Animal frig Magnets-.75  Breyer Horse Play Game (for gift)-.50.  Stackable Crayon (for stocking)-.25  Changing Pad Cover-1.00


Lawn Chairs-.50 each.  One is leaning a little, but not as bad as it looks in the picture…even if they only last this year, it was still a good deal.


A garden rake (NEW)-.75

And finally…

A Bitty Baby Stroller.  I swiped this picture off of Ebay because mine is in the attic, being hidden from a certain Taffy Flavor.  The listing I found on ebay prices this at $349.99.  HUH?  Guess how much I paid for it?  $4.00!  Sweet!  It needs to be cleaned up a little, but it in great shape and I think she will love it this Christmas!

What did you find this week?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  So would my garage sale buddy’s!  If you haven’t linked up with us before, read this post first! 




  1. Oh my goodness! We had identical weather.....AND I found a TON of pj's today!! I was so happy. They have been on the top of my list for quite a while. You found some great ones and fantastic prices. :)

    Love the magneto-ish blocks! I've been thinking about getting those for quite a while.

    Christmas shopping at garage sales is one of the smartest things I think someone can do (especially while the kids are young enough to not really care). I've done it for the past few years and spend so much less at Christmas because of it. :)

    Great week! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to post...I found some fun stuff this week.

  2. Fabulous finds! Especially the buggy! Amazing! I bet the adrenaline is really going when you find something like that! Somehow I think the garage sales in your area are better than anywhere else in the world!

  3. Wow. You always seem to do so well. Our garage sale day is tomorrow, Saturday. Hopefully I can find a couple things. A couple ladies I know are having sales, so we'll see what they have.

  4. You got some great stuff! I'd be thrilled with the Bitty Baby carriage (even though my girls are both too old now!) I'm linking up today too.

  5. Okay I tried to comment the other night and it wouldnt let me-hope this one works! LOVE the Bitty Baby carriage, and the magnetos (ish) are so cool! I didnt even know Mega Blox made them, we will be looking! So do you take all your kids with you yard sailing? If so, how do you sneak purchases past them?

  6. Wow, great job! That carriage is too cute, she is going to love it. I am going to go out next Saturday so I can link up too.


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