Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little bit of catch-up

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I think I’m still adjusting to having a new little person in the house.  Salt Water Taffy is so precious!  She has been a little fussy off and on, usually depending on what her bowels are doing, but she has been smiling a lot too and making the sweet little baby sounds that bring such joy to my heart.


She’s so big too!  She’s grown three inches and gained 3 pounds in her first 6 weeks of life!  She’s 8 weeks old now. 

Besides her, I’ve had some strange scenarios to deal with.  One is on the homeschool front.  I’ve mentioned in the past how in MN we have to turn in quarterly report cards to the school district.  This is only for parents without a college degree…anyway, third quarter report cards were due the beginning of April.  I sent them in for the older three kids but I forgot to send in Blue-Raspberry’s.  So the school district called me to remind and since I had just had a baby and wasn’t thinking about report cards I completely put it out of my mind.  Then this week I got a letter from the Minnesota Department of Education telling me that my school district is reporting me for not abiding by MN law and if I don’t respond within 15 days, they are going to start proceeding to take me court, etc.  It was a very hostile letter.  I did send in Blue-Raspberry’s report card, it was a month late, but it was well before I got this letter from the MDE.  In response, on the exact same day as I got the letter, I scanned all the asked for documents into my computer and emailed them to the Superintendent.  You know what, he hasn’t responded to me yet.   Figures.  Mr. Taffy sent him an email too.  I guess I’ll have to call on Monday.  It all seems a little extreme to me!  I made their 4th quarter report cards today, they are due next week.  I’m trying to figure out how I can get proof that they are delivered without paying for delivery confirmation.  Maybe I should just hand deliver them, the office isn’t too far from my home.007

Doesn’t it look like bubbles are coming out of his ear?  Ha!

Besides that, I’ve also been dealing with a weird skin infection on my ear.  It was a bug bite gone berserk, and now I’m antibiotics.  Nasty mosquitos!


Banana Taffy graduated to being a licensed driver this week too.  I think I was as nervous as he was!  Phew!  He did great though and he did the whole test in a big ole suburban!  Can you parallel park a suburban?  I can’t!  The man at the Testing Facility said he was the only teen who paid for his own license that day!  I was so proud of our son!  Only 6 more kiddos to go!


We went to the zoo today.  The forecast was humid, hazy and hot!  Boy was it!  We were sweating just standing still.  We had a great time though, despite the heat.



We are going to start up summer school next week.  I’ll do a separate post about what my goals are there and what we are doing.

I hope your enjoying your spring/summer too!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE air-conditioning!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Oh thanks, you made my day with that photo of Salt-water Taffy! cute! You have been busy! Too bad about getting caught up in the bureaucracy! Those state workers...hmmm. So glad that was not required in Washington State!


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