Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea Turtle~Timberdoodle Review

As part of the Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review team I was asked to review a piece of their fantastic Toddler Timberdoodle Core Curriculum Package.

Would you just look at this adorable Sea Turtle? 


Officially it’s called Educo Colorback Sea Turtle Bead Maze. I think that’s a wordy title, but it’s sure a fun learning toy.  The goal of the maze is to move the colorful magnetic balls into the corresponding color pocket on the turtle’s shell using the magnetic wand.  Here’s an example:

sea turtle review 001           sea turtle review 006

sea turtle review 005

And he finished it!

sea turtle review 008

And just look at the joy on his face!  He adores this maze and the feeling of accomplishment that he gets from it.

sea turtle review 009

Edco Colorback Seat Turtle is designed for children ages 2-7. (My 6 year old LOVED it too.)  It’s durably made, the plastic front isn’t scratching like you might expect from a toy like this.  I also like that the cord has one of those break-away thingy’s.  Not only is this a safety feature but also a deterrent for carrying it around by the cord.  Smile

When you order the Toddler Timberdoodle Core Curriculum Package, not only do you get this great maze, but you also get all these other unique  learning materials.  Timberdoodle also includes a handy planning folder (which I also reviewed).  I love reading everything Timberdoodle writes but this folder is particularly helpful in that in gives ideas and suggestions for using each piece of the curriculum.  My favorite pages being the ones titled How do you do it all:  Housework, Home Education and Home Business?  Amazing wisdom from a family that has been there and done that.

Timberdoodle sells The Colorback Sea Turtle for $24.95.  And while that might seem a little spendy, it’s made with the kind of quality and care that makes it a treasure that can be passed down through all the 2-7 years that grow up in your home. 


Mrs. Taffy

Legal Disclosure:  As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.


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