Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It seems like 80% of my life revolves around food.  It could be higher…and that could be why I struggle with being “fluffy.”  Sigh…anyway, here’s some things I did with food this weekend.   Which brought me a great amount of joy, so don’t worry!


Made Salsa!  I had chopped tomatoes and Jalapeños in the freezer from last years harvest.  I bought onions at Sam’s club and used the last bit of spice’s from Weaver’s.  I am hoping to double or triple this before the summer is over.

Having a big family means I have to get creative with how and where I store food.  I have a nice little pantry in my kitchen where I keep my every day staples and I also use the closet in my back hallway that I affectionately call my “big pantry.”  Here’s a peak at the disaster that it was after grocery shopping on Friday.

003              005

It’s an awkward space because it’s under the stairs so all the shelves are triangle shaped.  There are three shelves in there.  That top shelf is where I keep some of my big bags of wheat and you can see there’s a pellet gun up there too…it’s for shooting the chipmunks that are getting into my garden.  I don’t know why that duct tape is up there.

All those big frosting buckets hold bulk food in the form of grains mostly:  oatmeal, barley, wheat, salt, oat groats, ect.

When we were putting away groceries Friday I just kept telling the kids to put “it” in the big pantry and this was the result.  Then I got my hands on it, it looks like this now.


That’s a little better, awkward stuff in an awkward space.


See that pencil sharpener on the left?  That’s why everything is against the right side because I have to leave space for the kids to sharpen their pencils. 

I also have food stored in the coat closet by the front door, the office and the garage.  I’ve heard of people storing food under their beds as well, but I think I would forget about it there.  Do you have a unconventional place for storing food?


Mrs. Taffy


  1. hmmm... I store food in my hallway linen closet (inside pantry). Who has that many linens anyway? Also on shelves in the garage that I always forget about until I totally run out of something and HOPE there is some in there (like peanut butter or canned vegetables). I need you to come organize those pantries so I know what's in there!

  2. We have all of the sugar and sweets in the master bathroom closet to keep certain people from sneaking treats! Oh, and I had dark chocolate in my closet for awhile. My toddler loves the stuff and will climb the pantry shelves to get it, lol.


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