Friday, July 22, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures~Week 13

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What a gorgeous day for garage saling!  We ran out of sales before we ran out of steam.  If every summer day were like this day I would probably like summer.  Absolutely delightful!

The first sale we went to was by far the best and I spent the most money there.  One thing I got, which was on my list and has been for 3 years now—A water table!


We had to leave ours in Washington when we moved, there just wasn’t any room to bring it, I miss it every summer.  This one is Little Tykes and much bigger than my other one.  I paid $15.00 for it.


This stuff all came from different sales.  A basket of Lauri stuff-$3.00.  Books-.50 each.  IKEA hanging bags-.10 each.  Connect Four Electronic Game-.25 (Stocking Stuffer)


Gorgeous Usborne Books-$1.00 each.  Ravens-whatever puzzle-$1.50.  DK game-.50 (the box is worthless but the number cards are all there.  Little Tykes swimming bugs with net-.50.


File Box for Chocolate Taffy-$1.00.  She wanted 2 but I got bold and asked for 1, I was so relieved she said yes!  Milk Crates-.25 each.  IKEA car potty-$1.00.


Gymboree swimsuit for Bubble Gum-$2.00, Sketchers for her also-$1.00.  For Blue-Raspberry-Jeans-.75, hoodie-1.00 and boots-.50.


Fall Jacket for Chocolate Taffy-$4.00.  Gray Hoodie for Strawberry- $1.00.  The garage sale that we bought these from..oh boy..this lady had a lot of collections, besides dolls, mickey mouse and pigs, she also collected hoodies, she told us she had 83! 


And finally, a pair of brown lounging pants for me and a pumpkin…I’m so ready for fall!  lol  The pants are brand new and were $2.00, the pumpkin .50. 

There were a few other purchases that I didn’t get pictures of, mainly quarter stuff that I gave to the kids to play with in the car.  It was a good day!

What did you find this week?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  So would my garage sale buddy’s!  If you haven’t linked up with us before, read this post first!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You had a GREAT week!! Love the things you found! YAY for your water table!! Its the good one too :). Love the Lauri puzzles. The little swimming bugs look so cute, I bet they will be fun in the water table! 83 hoodies? Oh goodness. The one you bought is fun! Yay for pumpkins...I agree, bring on fall. Though I could use just a *little* more time to get ready for this baby!!

  2. Yeah on the water table! $15 what a deal! I don't know if I could have held out for 3 years. :) Lauri puzzles are always fun AND Usborne books for $1...great books! :) Those milk crates look really nice. I can't believe you got them for .25. I would've swiped them for sure.

    Cute suit, great coat, and those pants look super comfy. However, I must disagree....even after the wretchedly hot weather we had this week (we have no AC) I am still not ready for fall. lol Maybe by late Sept. I'll be ready. I had such a bad bought of seasonal blues last year...I'm just not ready for summer to go away just yet....but pumpkins are always fun. :)

    Great week for you!

  3. WOW on the water table! It's huge and awesome! I'd been scouring Craigslist for one but couldn't find one and since we haven't been able to garage sale because of hubby's work schedule, we gave in and bought one at Target on sale for $27. But it's not as big as yours. So happy for you! Your little ones will love it.. or already do I'm sure. :)

  4. What great items! I love the deal on the milk crates and file box. I get nervous to ask them to take less too but usually they do so it can't hurt to ask!

  5. Water Table! I want one! My littles have been playing at the bathroom sink and making quite a mess of it too. lol


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