Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gardening Goodies

It’s happening…things are starting to ripen up and we are enjoying some of the fruits of our labors.


A whole bowl of sugar snap peas.  We ate them for lunch.  There’s lots more out there too, just growing a little plumper. 

I also picked 2 cucumbers, but we ate them before I got a picture.


I made herb bread with the herbs from our herb garden.


And we had a very welcomed visitor to our not-so-pretty cone flower.

I’m linking up with Briana’s Garden Path Meme.  To see what other gardeners are doing around the country visit her blog.



Mrs. Taffy


  1. Mrs. Taffy, I am wondering, how you are able to feed your family so well, I have 5 boys, 2 of which are teenagers and 1 soon to be, I can't seem to keep them filled up without breaking the bank, maybe you have some tips for your readers with big families. I notice your boys are big, I can't imagine what a task that must be, considering I am struggling with a 5'11" and a 5'8" so far, and then my husband who is also 5'11". I hate when they are hungry in between meals and I can't seem to come up with any ideas. I am certain many of your readers are in the same boat, I'm pretty sure you are the person to go to for this type of question, considering your family looks very well taken care of, honestly nothing makes me happier than when my families bellys are full and they are happy, so I am wondering if you could give your readers a little rundown of how you get it done in your home. Also, when are you planning your first day of school, we are looking at the 2nd week of August. Sincerely, Kim

  2. I am so impressed! Lovely!

  3. How exciting to see the fruits of your labor! The herb bread looks delicious!

  4. Okay Kim! I will! Thanks for the suggestion! I polled the kids at lunch time to see what they thought, their answers were strange and ambiguous, but interesting enough! haha!

  5. Wow I never get to bring in enough peas from our garden to actually cook - the kids all go in the garden and eat them all off the vines! It's so wonderful to enjoy eating your own produce, especially after all the hard work that goes into growing it.


  6. Nice! The bread looks yummy. We already harvested our peas. I think they are my favorite thing to eat from the garden. Pretty butterfly!


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