Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Mom-The Guidance Counselor


Do I look like a Guidance Counselor to you?  Ha!  Apparently, where Banana and Chocolate Taffy are concerned, I am “The Guidance Counselor.”  More new territory to discover…more stretching…I can only hope the Lord’s equipped me for this!

We went to a mini-seminar about “Credits before College.”  It was so interesting and so exciting!  And so scary!  So much to think about!  I learned a lot about CLEPS and Dantes.  So now I have some goals!

Banana Taffy-11th Grade-16 Years Old

2011 Portraits 027

He is dually enrolled this year, as both a homeschooler and a college student.  The classes he’ll be taking 1st semester in college are:

  • Intro to Business
  • Macro Economics
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • English Rhetoric & Research

The classes he’ll be taking at home are:

  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Logic

His goal is to run and own a family-friendly restaurant.  He’s changed his mind several times, but this is the option he’s exploring currently.  He’s very much a people person and he has an amazing gift of serving, delegating and giving.  These are the goals we have made together:

  • Graduate High School with an AA
  • Take Clep Exams as he completes his homeschool courses, i.e. Chemistry and Geometry.
  • Apply for a Vision Forum Internship after High School
  • Take a mission trip his Senior year (This is MY goal for him.)

I still have to figure out the credits for an AA and how many in each subject are required for that degree, I think that will happen over the next month as we meet with various advisors from the college.

Chocolate Taffy-11th Grade-15 Years Old

2011 Portraits 018

Also dually enrolled as a homeschooler and college student.  His 1st semester college classes are similar to Banana’s, but not exact.

  • Speech
  • Macro Economics
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • English Rhetoric and Research

The classes he’ll be taking at home are:

  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Logic
  • Drafting

Chocolate Taffy has some pretty lofty career goals and we are still working through the details of his plans, but he is very sure he wants to be an engineer.  He comes from a long line of engineers so this doesn’t really surprise me.  He’s leaning toward Mechanical Engineer because of the wide range of options.  The goals we’ve made together include:

  • Graduating from High School with an AA.
  • Take Clep Exams as he completes his homeschool courses, i.e. Chemistry and Geometry.
  • Go on a Mission Trip his Senior Year.
  • Transfer to a 4 year university to get his degree in engineering.
  • Go on to get a Master’s in his area of specialty.

I’m fairly confident that he will be able to get some grants for his schooling, he gets very high scores on his tests.  We’ll look into that more as time goes on.  His assignment this week is to confirm what kind of degree he wants and then we will look into various colleges so we can see if they take CLEP transfers and to make sure he takes the classes he need for that degree. 

Strawberry Taffy-9th Grade-13 Years Old


We’ve actually started making some goals for her as well.  From what I learned at that seminar, she can start taking CLEPS now, as she completes high school classes, so she’ll  be even more ahead by the time she’s ready to do PSEO.   At home this year she’ll be studying:

  • US and World History
  • Algebra
  • Composers
  • Physical Science
  • Writing a Novel
  • Latin

She’ll be able to take the CLEPS for Algebra and History, giving her 6 college credits in 9th grade.  In 10th Grade she’ll be doing Algebra 2 and Biology.  I know there is a CLEP for Biology, there might be one for Latin.  I bought this book to help us get ready, but I haven’t looked through it enough to know everything!  She has a heart for missions.  Our goals for her are:

  • Graduate High school with an AA
  • Go on a Missions Trip her Senior Year and possibly her Junior Year.
  • We are exploring Christ for the Nations and North Central College for a degree in Missions. Personally I don’t think she needs a degree in missions to be a missionary, but it might be a good idea for connections and opportunity’s.  We are still exploring this and will trust the Lord to lead us to the specifics as it gets closer.

Okay…so once I get through guiding those three, I’ll have another 4 on their heels ready to be “guided.” By then I should be a pro!  lol  It’s a lot to think about and it scares me a little.  But I’m completely filled with hope that as I am diligent, the Lord will continue to bless and guide and comfort me through all this!  I couldn’t do this on my own!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Great goals! :) My hubs is an electrical engineer (who sometimes wishes he was a mechanical engineer). He graduated from Michigan Tech. Fantastic engineering school (there is a lot of partying there....but good Christian campus organizations too). I don't even know if this was on your list of schools. Just know of a lot of students that go there from WI and MN. I lived there for a little over a was an experience. :)

    I have heard great things about Christ for the Nations. North Central was my college of choice. I never go there because of a different route I took in my life, but I love that city. :) And you're right, I don't think it's necessary to have a degree but it will be helpful when seeking support/funds. I'm not sure but if you seek affiliation with the Assemblies of God you have to have a degree. I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

    Anyway, you probably know more than me. :) You already are a better guidance counselor than my high school counselor! My mom and I had to figure everything out by ourselves.

    Sorry about the novel length comment. :)

  2. Jessica~Thank you for the LENGTH of your comment! Don't ever apologize! Everything you said was VERY helpful and will be stored away for future decisions! :o) North Central is the college my boys are taking PSEO through, my husband works near there too! I'm so thankful they get to "go" there! Top notch Christian College!

  3. Sounds good! Thanks for helping me get ahead mom, I can't wait to graduate and get going on Missions! ;)

  4. I agree with the prior comment. Public High School counselors don't help much. You are already head and shoulders above. It is wonderful to have a plan (goal) and even if it changes from time to time it helps keep focus.

  5. Oh, thank you so much for posting your plans! It helps us mom's with kids a bit younger, to start planning for those years!

    I can't wait to see what your picks are for curriculum this year, for each of your children!

    Blessings as you begin your newest endeavor as guidance counsellor!

  6. Wow, great information and very helpful! I totally forgot about CLEP exams. I am definitely going to look more into that in the coming weeks as I am planning. What is the difference between CLEP and AP classes?

    *Google is not letting me commment*

  7. Jacquelin, I'm not completely sure what the difference is between the two. The speaker we heard touched on AP a little bit, it seemed like AP was something you could do through public school and CLEP was something you could do on your own whether in public school or home schooled or out of school. The homeschool academy where the kids are going for their PSEO classes has AP classes as well, but they are REALLY expensive. I think they get the added benefit of a teacher and not so much independent work. I could be totally wrong, but that's my limited understanding! lol Maybe my mom with chime in? Mom? :o)

  8. Oh, the many, many hats we wear as Momma's! DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT!! The Lord did not make our job boring did he! Thanks for being so great! :-)

  9. You make a great guidance counselor :). Hmmm Banana Taffy's strengths remind me of a Pastor of Administration :). It will be interesting to see how God uses him!

  10. Lovely pictures. All are heart touching. The happy family description is purely defined here. If I would have got a chance then definitely I would have become a part of the journey you had.LOL.....kidding...But I am immensely pleasured with the love between you people. Keep it up.

  11. Hello my northern friend from MN!!!

    It's been awhile huh? Your post made be a bit nervous.... You know why? Because I really haven't thought about homeschooling since June 5. After my evaluator came....I forgot all about being a homeschool mom and went on veg mode. I know it sounds horrile. Reading your post made by heart race a bit. I gotta get myself in gear again.....but first.....

    WE ARE MOVING!!! Yep....back to our hometown. yay!! We will officially be in our new home on August 14th. Keys in hand. I am so so so happy. and so thankful because this has been such a journey for me. As you can tell I hardly ever blogged. You would think I would....I don't know....I guess I didn't feel like typing it all out. I know I did a bit of blogging. Well...our home is going to be perfect...we are renting for now. But that's ok...that's what we did before. Hubby's job is going great and kids are super happy about getting their own place. Seriously floating on clouds. I am going to start packing today....lots of books to pack.

    SO after we are done with moving I will put on my "teacher" hat and begin schooling. I was thinking of putting two of the kids in school (our 2nd grader and kindergartener) just to give me a "break" but I don't know if this is the right thing. We'll see. I probably won't....but the thought is there.

    Can't wait to share my new home on the blog. I am so happy to decorate again....create....and express myself in my own Nest. Something I have not been able to do to the fullest while being away.

    Your baby is getting so very big and beautiful!! You have a beautiful family and quite tall too....gotta say that since I'm only 5'1 ha ha!!! You knew that though.....

    Sending kisses and hugs,

    Chris xoxo

    PS....if you find typos....sorry....I didn't proof read this post. :)


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