Saturday, July 16, 2011

My how times have changed…

My loving Aunt from Washington state, recently sent me some ADORABLE vintage canning magazines/books.  Thank you Aunt Claudia—what a treasure!


Do you see the prices on the cover?  What struck me most was the inside dedication in that .10 beauty there.  This is what it says:

A Dedication

“To the women who serve without banner….the Homemakers of America.

You are the proud daughters of the builders of America…you are the wives and mothers of the men in Freedom’s fight, each to his own duty at the plow or forge or battlements.  And yours, in this war year of 1943, is a task worthy of that heritage.  For men today go into battle with your name on their lips…and men, tomorrow and forever, will find in your courage and devotion the strength…and dignity…and honor…to serve in the peace that is to come.”

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation

Wow!  Practically brought tears to my eyes!  Next, read the humor and wisdom on the back page of the Ball Blue Book.

How to Preserve a Husband

“Be careful in your selection.  Do not choose too young.  When selected, give your entire thoughts to preparation for domestic use.  Some wives insist upon keeping them in a pickle, others are constantly getting them into hot water.  This may make them sour, hard, and sometimes bitter; even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender, and good, by garnishing them with patience, well sweetened with love and seasoned with kisses.  Wrap them in a mantle of charity.  Keep warm with the steady fire of domestic devotion and serve with peaches and cream.  Thus prepared, they will keep for years.”

Such wisdom…my how things have changed!


Mrs. Taffy

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